Friday, August 14, 2015

The end of The Little Bookworm

If you didn't know I ran a fairly "successful" book blog for many years, 6 to be exact. And Wednesday I officially shut it down. I hadn't blogged over there since May and I've only blogged sporadically since I had Button. I always thought I'd go back and pick it back up but the truth is I got out of the habit of book blogging and dealing with that whole world. I started it as an outlet for all the books I was reading without understanding that there is a whole community. And then I got involved in that community and met some wonderful people and generally had a good time. But like most things, I just couldn't get up with the pace and I stopped reading altogether for a long time. I've always been a reader so the fact that I didn't want to pick up a book was alarming to me. I know it had more to do with having a newborn and a school-age child than the idea of having to review but the truth is that was a contributing factor. And if your hobby is stopping you from doing something you love, then it's not a good hobby anymore. Still I tried because I loved it and I still doing on some level. It just started to feel like more of a burden than a hobby. So after not blogging or even looking at it for 3 months I decided to just call it quits. One day I might pick it back up. After all my consistency is here is not always the best but I keep coming back (for 7 years now). But as I said over there, today is not that day. I'm thinking one day in a year or two that I might go back. But for now I'm happy that I made it official.