Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Panic

It's the 10th anniversary of Dougla Adams' death today.  I am a huge fan of his work as you can see my the cover of my Nook and its name, Deep Thought.
I started reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in high school around junior year, if I remember correctly.  Then I read the Dirk Gently series, one of which has my favorite title of all time, The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul.  I'm not sure how many times I've read them, just a handful.  But they are always worth a read and a laugh.  I got my husband to read the Hitchhikers series when we started dating and made a fan out of him.  We've seen the British sitcom and the newer movie and liked them both. I can credit Douglas Adams with many of the jokes that go around my house and partly with my love of random British things.  Because of him, I have tried other authors like him like Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman.  His books are genuinely different and funny and I'm pretty sure that everyone should try them at least once.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Weddings and the Average 4 year old

In a little over a month, we are going to be in a wedding.  And by "we" I mean all 3 of us.  I am the Matron of Honor, BT is a groomsman, and Bub is one of the ring bearers is BT's sister's wedding.  We are all happy to be in it and are looking forward to it. 

My job is, apparently, to walk the ring bearers (the other one is our nephew, BT's brother's son) down the aisle.  I have been talking to Bub about weddings and being a ring bearer.  He does not seem enthusiastic about dressing up and having all the people look at him.  I told him that he was going to walk down an aisle with Mommy and his cousin and all the people are going to look and say "Look at the cute boys"  and he replied with "Uh, yuck!"  But I think he will be fine.  I think we might start practicing.  I can get the processional music and we can walk slowly around and maybe that will help.  I have visions of him speeding down the aisle with me hissing at him to stop.  But I think having an audience will slow him down a bit and make him more self-conscious.  Although he does love an audience.  I was wondering if I was going to have a bouquet and if not then I could hold their hands, but they are carrying pillows and I'm certain I will have a bouquet so that's out.  I'm sure I am worrying too much.  But I am trying to impress on Bub that we need to be good and give his aunt a nice wedding and not spoil it by being silly.  We can be silly all we want at the reception.