Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"All because two people..."

"All because two people fell in love." For some reason, this phrase is starting to grate on me. I've been seeing it a lot lately since I have fallen into the world of nursery and pinterest. That coupled with my obsession with babycenter.com makes it pretty clear that that is not how every baby is created. It's more like "all because two people decide to have the sex." It is preferable that the baby is born into a loving and stable household. That is not always the case. It just seems so sentimental and trite. And I'm not the sentimental type by nature. Plus now it is being kind of cliched and hackney. Not my thing at all.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting the nursery together

I'm pretty much in the nesting phase of pregnancy. And one thing that has been driving me crazy is the fact that nothing is really done in the baby's room. It's funny that I feel the need to do all of this now. But I know that once she is here I won't have the energy or the time to put into fixing up her room. But now the crib is ordered and we have bought Bub a new chest of drawers for his room and are moving his old dresser into the baby's room (after refinishing it). It takes up a lot of space in his room and it pretty much what I wanted for the baby. So it all worked out. It will just take some of BT's elbow grease to make it the right color. And the crib is lovely and I am so excited. It was on sale at Babies R Us when I went with my sister and so I got it for a great price. BT really likes it. Now we just have to wait for it to come in at the store where we live but that should be by next week.
I've gone through about 3 patterns of bedding and finally decided on one called Happi Tree. It is so cute with owls, a squirrel, and a porcupine. It's a little pinker than I wanted but the room is yellow and I am going to accent as much as I can with the other colors in the pattern. The lamp is completely adorable but I don't know I'll be getting it. I think this will all look nice with the dark wood of the furniture.

I've also been on pinterest way too much lately looking for ideas for making a name sign for her. I think I am going to do something like this but make one for each letter without the bottom part and with a bigger circle. I think I will just hang it like a canvas like in the picture.
From Project Nursery

I also just had the brilliant idea of letting Bub paint her a picture with the left-over paint that we can hang in her room so that he feels like he is apart of everything.

I'll post pictures when I get it all done in real life. I am so excited that something is finally happening in that room!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

C-section vs. VBAC

The birth of my son ended in a c-section. I really wanted a natural childbirth but after needing induction to get labor started combined with his erratic heartbeat and no progression I ended up with a c-section. Pretty much the exact opposite of what I had in mind. But c'est la vie. While it was not ideal, I was grateful at the time to get the whole thing over with. Labor hurts, y'all. So I'm up in the air about what to do next. Another c-section would be the easiest but I still have in my mind the idea that I want to experience actual delivery. Mostly what I care about is getting the baby out and having a healthy one. I really think that recovery from a c-section would be easier this time without the 14 hours of labor attached. Of course, I am planning an epidural this time around anyway. I have done the labor with contractions, etc and so I don't feel like getting an epidural would deny me any experiences. In fact, it sounds like a good idea. My doctor says it is up to me which is pretty awesome but at the same time that means I have a decision to make. Even though this birth is looming over me getting much much closer everyday I can't decide what to do. Right now I'm at the comprise stage. Schedule the c-section for 40 weeks and then if I go into labor earlier then try for a VBAC. It's like making a decision without having to really make the decision.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bringing the boy to my doctor's appointment

I have a pregnancy check-up today and Bub is home sick. So he is coming with me. I'm a little nervous about this because he is not a patient child but I'm bringing every game he owns plus my phone has games. The real problem is that I have to do the one hour glucose test today so it is going to require an extra wait. I can only hope he is good and minds me. I'm not sure how to handle the lab work though. How bothered is he going to be seeing them draw blood? Not to mention the two urine tests I have to do. I don't really want him to see me pee in a cup so he is going to have to wait outside which goes against my mommy-have-to-see-him-every-second instincts that guide me when we are out in public. I think we will get through this fine. He will like hearing the baby's heartbeat and that will entertain him for about a minute. I just feel a little bad about having to drag him out to do something so boring.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On quitting book blogging

So for almost 3 years I've been running a book blog. And I loved it until mid-summer last year. We had some personal issues going on and then I got pregnant and so my love of reviewing books just fell away. But I felt like I had this obligation so I kept at it, slowly posting less and less and stop commenting altogether. Then it dawned on me what I was doing. And I didn't know how to continue. Plus I knew that when the baby is born I really won't have time to blog that much. Or at least read and review. I thought, well I'll just take a hiatus when the baby is born, no big deal. But as the end of 2011 approach I realized that wasn't what I wanted to do. I just didn't want to do it anymore.

So today I quit. I posted about an extended indefinite hiatus. The funny thing is now that I don't have to anymore, I kind of feel like I want to. I know that I'll still post reviews here and there but it feels like a burden is gone. I hated feeling like something that was suppose to be a hobby was a burden and now that feeling is lifted. I don't have to accept books for review or have review every book I read. I can just read for fun again without feeling like I need to bookmark and analyze.

I really do hope to get back to book blogging again one day. But right now I just want to read for myself. I'd also like to put some more time into this blog which I've woefully neglected for too long now. I can't decide how much I have to say about anything. I did enjoy recapping Lost and wouldn't mind doing the same for the only show I really watch now, Once Upon a Time. I don't know. I'll just have to see.