Saturday, August 30, 2008

What is not cool

Hurricanes are big on the list of uncool things. Currently, Gustav is heading in this general direction. I bought food and batteries and stuff yesterday so we are prepared. My mom is picking up plywood for the windows since BT will probably work late tonight. So we are ready. As much as I don't want it here I certainly don't want it to hit New Orleans. I don't know if they can take it or not.
Well, the little man is about to lose it. He is currently on his own path of destruction. So I will go try to stop him

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Skewl is Kewl

I like my job. I really do, but I cannot concentrate on it. It is weird. Like right now I am trying to do one of my assigned tasks but instead I am doing this. School started this week and now campus is just crawling, like the traffic, with people,
Apparently, there are dictionaries of blogger slang that I am now becoming familiar with. But since no one really reads this, that I know of, my point is moot. I want to recap something but I don't know what. I can always talk about books.
Anyway, here's is the funniest thing I've read lately: Cleolinda
Not the front page, but the Occupation:Girl and Movies in Fifteen Minutes. Vair vair funny!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YouTube is my friend

Seriously, I must stop playing on YouTube. I have better things to do, after all.
BTW, I have discovered Lost. Yes, I know I'm late to the game but I enjoy watching TV shows on DVD and it is a good one. We have been watching West Wing on DVD too, but BT doesn't watch Lost with me so I have to sneak it in. But he will come in the room and ask me what's going on and I tell him that he should have been watching all along. His loss.
I heard Jessica Simpson's new country song this morning. It's pretty good and I don't really like country. I'm thinking I will check out her new album when it comes out in September.
I learned to copy catalog last week so now I'm doing that. It's not bad, gives me something to do.
Not doing so good with the Weight Watchers, unfortunately. Yesterday was a good day but I haven't lost anything in like 2 months. Of course, I wasn't really trying for a little while. This weekend was horrible POINTS-wise cause of Dad's birthday, but now I'm buckling down. I swear!
That's about all.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

first blog


This is my new blog. It's not really about anything really, just about me, how I'm doing with Weight Watchers, the baby boy or little man (LM for short), what I did today; stuff like that.