Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Baby girl AKA Birdie's room is all done and it is super cute and very girly. I don't think of myself as a girly girl but I guess I have those tendencies. I wanted to stay away from PINK but I still picked out a bedding set that was pink. I tried to tone it down but accenting with the other colors and not focusing on the PINKness of it all. All in all I love it!

Crib with tree decal
Dresser and crib
Bookshelf. Love the lamp.
Loveseat with name sign
Art made by Bub for sister baby's room

Monday, March 12, 2012

Nobody panic except me

So yesterday it dawned on me that I am going to have a baby soon. Duh, you are thinking. But the truth is that you are pregnant for so long that it all seems in the distant future. I have pretty much been pregnant for my entire 33rd year. Being pregnant takes up so much energy but it becomes the norm in a way. An always changing norm, but still. But here I am at the end and I'm so very close to having this baby and no longer being pregnant but instead becoming a mother of two. A mother of two. I keep saying those words over and over along with This is my son and this is my daughter. Daughter.  It's a little crazy to me. 5 years of mothering a boy and now I'll have a girl too. And so much has been happening with the boy and so much is happening with him the week I am scheduled to have her. For one thing it's kindergarten sign-up that week and I won't be able to go. BT is going to have to sign him up which is fine. But I never thought I'd miss out on signing my baby boy up for kindergarten.

But there's going to be another one in about two weeks to care for and I won't be in any condition to go down to the school and will barely be out of the hospital and there will be a baby. A newborn. I am actually going to have another baby and get to hold her in a very short time. It's blowing my mind a little. So I just have to finish up one more work project and then I have everything ready at work. I have a few things to buy for her room but it's pretty much ready to go. Everything is ready. Now I just need to get my mind there too. But ready or not, she's a coming.