Sunday, December 20, 2015

Four gifts

This is the year I decided to try the four gifts thing I've seen on Pinterest. I thought it would be a good way to organize their presents from us and also provide some structure. I'm hoping this is an idea that will stick around. And since I'm in charge of most of the gifting around here, it probably will. Santa is bringing them each 3 presents, 1 big and 2 small, and a gift for the family. So it should be a successful Christmas. 
When I first ran the idea past BT, he seemed suspicious. His family is fairly intense about Christmas. As long as it doesn't include Santa presents then he was fine with it. The Something They Want, Wear and Read was easy. I had them circle the toy catalogs when they came in for Santa presents and picked something out for the Want. Clothes, they always need especially as they both had growth spurts recently. And, of course, I have the Read covered (Bub is getting the illustrated Harry Potter and I am super excited about it). It was the Need that stumped me. After all, if they need something I usually just buy it. I did an internet search for ideas and didn't really find many. Bub has ended up with a soccer goal and Button with shoes. Both things they need in different ways and I'm hoping having his own goals will inspire him to practice more.

I should start making a list of Needs all year round so I 'll have ideas for next year. It was after I finished the list that I thought that rain boots would have been a cute idea for the two of them and maybe rain coats. Oh well. There's always the Easter bunny.