Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HSM3 & New Orleans

Among all the other things I did, I saw High School Musical 3 this weekend. First of all, though, I went to New Orleans with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. Except that Thursday I started sneezing and couldn't stop and woke up on Friday like crazy sick. I brought Bubs to daycare even though driving wasn't the best idea I but he needed to get there and then went home and rested. We had a nice time but it wasn't what either one of us had in mind. We had dinner at the Palace Cafe and it was excellent but I could only taste like half of the food b/c my nose was so stuffed up. Then I offered to go to Bourbon and walk around but thank God BT took pity on me and said to just go to sleep which I was practically doing anyway. The next day we had breakfast at Cafe du Monde and I got to hear people mispronounce the easiest words that we have here in Louisiana, like Baton Rouge or Monde. For some reason, the hilariousity of how people pronounce our words is never lost on me. BTW, Cafe du Monde must use, like, a box of powdered sugar on each order of beignets.

So Sunday, feeling much better, I went to see High School Musical 3. I enjoyed it but I would have enjoyed in more in the comfort of my home more. The songs didn't fit into the movie as easily as they did in the first one and, to some degree, the second. It was a cute story and everything worked like it was suppose to, of course. One of the girls that was with me asked if Ryan and Kelsey were dating now and I said no, they were just going to prom together b/c frankly Ryan is the gayest thing on that show, except for Troy's dancing, and I know that it's Disney but he (Ryan) is seriously gay and that's okay but let's not pretend otherwise. Also why was Troy giving a speech at graduation. There is no local reason for that. At least he wasn't wearing man capris b/c that and the dancing *head shake*

Also the little British chick can't sing and if they think they are building a franchise around her and the annoying surfer-hiphop-basketball guy than they have another thing coming. Because, at least Troy and Gabriella are likeable unlike these two idiots.

Also the fact that Martha, the bigger smart chick, is valedictorian and the head cheerleader and the best dancer is totally the best. See that's a lesson that we can take home without being beaten over the head with it. I think Martha personifies the whole point of these movies and she doesn't even sing about it. Okay, there was that one time, but still.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events Audio Books

The little man and I are listening to A Series of Unfortunate Events for the commute right now. Do you know how depressing this series is back to back? When I was reading them and there was time off between books it was okay, but those kids go through some bizarre and horrible stuff and listening to it makes you a little like what?. I also noticed that Olaf is almost always immediately recognizable to the Beaudelaires, but his associates are very rarely recognized by the children. I think this might be on purpose because Olaf doesn't care if the children know who he is since the adults will never believe them and if the 0rphans don't recognize the associate who is helping him then it technically would be easier to kidnap them. Case in point, in The Reptile Room, the hook-handed man is posing as the doctor so no matter in whose car the Beaudelaires ended up in they would have been in Olaf's clutches. Fortunately for the children, Olaf always underestimates him (you would think he would learn) and they get away. Currently, I am on The Hostile Hospital. The abuse these poor children put up with is incredible. In one of the early books, one of the adult characters remarks that another adult character had a terrible childhood and Violet says she thinks she is having one too. This is an extreme understandment but then again she doesn't know what else is coming up. Therapy city for these kids!

I like having audio books playing in the car because I can't stand the radio and I am hoping that it helps LM with language development. Tim Curry does an excellent job with these books and I can't think of anyone who would do better. Daniel Handler narrates books 3-5 and is okay but I much prefer Tim Curry. He is an excellent actor and puts matterisms into the characters.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you in or out ? (or it's the finale of the most boring season yet!)

So last night's finale of Project Runway was good. I laughed very loudly when Tim Gunn was announced as the special guest judge and Kenley's mouth fell open and she said that maybe she should have dialed back the attitude a bit. Ya think!? So it's okay to be rude to someone but not if they are the guest judge on the reality contest TV show that you are on. Good to know, I will keep that in mind for the future. Also she has already alienated the main judges (Heidi) so they kinda hate her. And Kenley got her attitude back this episode as Tim Gunn does his best to help and she basically tells him to stick it, but later rethinks it and does what he says anyway. Also, Tim Gunn totally rolled his eyes at her and that was a hundred years of awesome.
So let's see, the collections:
Kenley was up first and I really what she did. It was very pretty and cool and the painting was vair well-done. The one fully painted dress was not to my taste. The dress her model wore was cute and I could see someone actually wear a smaller version of it. There was a white one that was my favorite. I thought it was a job well-done although apparently she had some pieces that were exactly like other more famous designers. Uh oh! So either she doesn't look at anything ever or she's very good at pretending not to know what's going on. Oh that wacky Kenley and her crazy hijinks!

Korto was next and it was hit-or-miss for me. The ones that were good were very good but the ones that were bad, well let's just say not a fan. The green main dress was my favorite and so beautiful and I could definitely see it on the red carpet. She had some really great things and the dresses she made right before looked very well-made too and fit in perfectly. Although it must suck to have spent all the time at home and to realize that you need something else for your show and you have to whip out two dresses right before your big show. I liked her color palette.

Leanne was last and her collection was beautiful. I loved the colors and even though they were soft and very neutral, it still looked really great. She had a little of everything, like Micheal Kors pointed out. Some of her stuff I wasn't feeling overenthusiastic about it but the judges seemed to like it all. It was very well-made and the petals were interesting. I don't think that she is going to be a one note. I think she did the petals for this collection but I don't think that is all she can do.

So Leanne is our winner and Kenley is the ever gracious loser. Congratulations Leanne, I was rooting for you about 3/4 of the way through the season.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musical stylings of...

I have been meaning to say this for a while, but I listen to some non-popular pop music. I am one of those people that listens to radio music. When I was younger I listened to less mainstream music and watched edgy shows but life is way to complicated and confusing without my entertainment contributing too.
That being said, I recently downloaded the New Kids on the Block album "The Block." I have to say that I like it. However, it's like they are trying to hard to be cool and young. Here's a hint: you are not, you are like 40. I was expecting some mature songs about having children and being married, but mostly the songs are about sex and sexing some young thing, etc. Honestly, the most ridiculous song I've ever heard is "Full Service," "I'll pump you up (up)" Really!? But I do like "Big Girl Now" and "Grown Man." They are super fun and totally good for a quick burst of disco inferno dancing.. The rest of the fast songs are alright, the slower ones, eh.
As for "Grown Man" I honestly thought they were saying "I'ma gonna give you some room" to, like, dance, you know. But alas, no, here is what they are actually saying:

I'm-a give you some grown man (hey)
I'm-a give you some grown man (oh)
I'm-a give you some grown man

which changes things considerable. I really should look at song titles before I make such erroneous errors.

The other artist I download a couple of weeks ago was Demi Lovato. I'm not really sure why cause she bothered me on Camp Rock and, in her video for "Back with You" but she seems nice so I really want to like her. It's not bad. I'm not one for slow songs so I tend to skip those. I like "Back to You" and "La La Land" which sounds like a Jonas Bros. song "Video Girl" on the opening. I keep waiting for a girl to say "OMG, I'm dating a Jonas Brother." None of the songs really stand out to me and make me want to put them on repeat. She also sings really hard like she's vomiting up her words. Her voice isn't bad or anything, but it's like she tries too hard. Now that I'm thinking about it, I actually don't like to watch her sing. It disturbs me. Some people have this feeling about Jessica Simpson. Demi is my Jessica. Maybe because she is totally in real-life hard core (she says) and she has to sing (OMG) Disney and she is offending her punk sensibilities and it really is like vomiting for her. Who knows.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Dresses Glore (or bridesmaids' dresses must be ugly)

For the record, my bridesmaid's dresses were very pretty and I let them pick out their own dress so they have nothing to complain about.
Let's see. This week the designers went home and did their collections and Tim Gunn went around and acted like he had a choice in going to the homes and viewing their collections. Was it me or was Tim fascinated by Jerell's sister?
BTW, when I say collection, I just mean what I saw glimpses of. I haven't looked at the pictures online or anything. I'm being good.
Anyway, Jerell's was evening wear, very Mardi Gras ball. I didn't really like it, it was so gaudy but his wedding dress was pretty at the bottom (although I would have changed the tulle) but the top was no, just no. Tim makes a suggestion and makes the dress better but Jerell is having none of that. I actually can't remember what his bridesmaid dress looks like so that goes to show you.
Korto's collection was pretty and looked very well made and expensive (Heidi). Or at least what I saw, maybe different on runway. The green sexual dress was interesting. Her wedding dress was pretty but the bridesmaid dress was strange. I know of no one whose bridesmaids are all 6 feet tall models. Most of us would look bad in that dress.
Leanne's collection was very elegant and meticulous and you can tell. The colors were pretty. Her wedding dress was like what because that so very dress dream. The bridesmaid dress was perfect and went so well with the dress.
Kenley's collection was typical from her. Her wedding dress was very Audrey Hepburn-first wedding and soooooooooo cute. I actually really liked it. The bridesmaid dress went well with it and was cute as well. Very spring wedding.
Kenley was actually tolerable so I guess the producers had enough time off from her. She sorta half-assed apologized and tried to be civil whereas Korto and Leanne barely made eye contact and couldn't make small-talk. Awkwaaard
So Kenley and Leanne with actual wedding dresses I could see on someone stay and Korto stayed too because, although the bridesmaid dress was eh, the wedding dress was better.
Poor Jerell who should have listened to Tim says bye-bye. Why won't they listen to Tim? He knows best! That should have been the name of his show (which I don't watch cause it's a little boring) " Tim Gunn knows best."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature-Inspired (or haven't we seen this challenge already?)

This week on Project Runway the designers had to create a gown based on something from the New York Botanical Gardens, but not, you know, made from the New York Botanical Gardens. Is it me or are they recycling challenges left and right? Not only from past shows but from this season itself!
Jerell made a strapless, very pretty, could kinda see it on a red carpet dress based on a rose bush. Very nice. He sorta wins.
Korto made a orangey, lacey, sparkling dress based on a flamenco flower. I liked it but maybe there was something I didn't see. (Of course, I like Caine's dress that put him out so maybe my taste level isn't quite there.)
Leanne made a "sad and serious" dress that was pretty but needed to lose a couple of ruffles based on a lavender flower.
Kenley (oh, Kenley) made a Morticia Adams but purple snake skin dress based some leaves or something.
Kenley's attitude was the big thing this week. She has been so rude and obnoxious to everyone but expects them to be nice to her. The way she said Heidi made me what to slap her. The guest judge looked so uncomfortable.
Next week, everyone gets rejudged (word?) to see who gets to compete in the final three.