Tuesday, October 28, 2008

HSM3 & New Orleans

Among all the other things I did, I saw High School Musical 3 this weekend. First of all, though, I went to New Orleans with my husband to celebrate our anniversary. Except that Thursday I started sneezing and couldn't stop and woke up on Friday like crazy sick. I brought Bubs to daycare even though driving wasn't the best idea I but he needed to get there and then went home and rested. We had a nice time but it wasn't what either one of us had in mind. We had dinner at the Palace Cafe and it was excellent but I could only taste like half of the food b/c my nose was so stuffed up. Then I offered to go to Bourbon and walk around but thank God BT took pity on me and said to just go to sleep which I was practically doing anyway. The next day we had breakfast at Cafe du Monde and I got to hear people mispronounce the easiest words that we have here in Louisiana, like Baton Rouge or Monde. For some reason, the hilariousity of how people pronounce our words is never lost on me. BTW, Cafe du Monde must use, like, a box of powdered sugar on each order of beignets.

So Sunday, feeling much better, I went to see High School Musical 3. I enjoyed it but I would have enjoyed in more in the comfort of my home more. The songs didn't fit into the movie as easily as they did in the first one and, to some degree, the second. It was a cute story and everything worked like it was suppose to, of course. One of the girls that was with me asked if Ryan and Kelsey were dating now and I said no, they were just going to prom together b/c frankly Ryan is the gayest thing on that show, except for Troy's dancing, and I know that it's Disney but he (Ryan) is seriously gay and that's okay but let's not pretend otherwise. Also why was Troy giving a speech at graduation. There is no local reason for that. At least he wasn't wearing man capris b/c that and the dancing *head shake*

Also the little British chick can't sing and if they think they are building a franchise around her and the annoying surfer-hiphop-basketball guy than they have another thing coming. Because, at least Troy and Gabriella are likeable unlike these two idiots.

Also the fact that Martha, the bigger smart chick, is valedictorian and the head cheerleader and the best dancer is totally the best. See that's a lesson that we can take home without being beaten over the head with it. I think Martha personifies the whole point of these movies and she doesn't even sing about it. Okay, there was that one time, but still.

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