Friday, October 17, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events Audio Books

The little man and I are listening to A Series of Unfortunate Events for the commute right now. Do you know how depressing this series is back to back? When I was reading them and there was time off between books it was okay, but those kids go through some bizarre and horrible stuff and listening to it makes you a little like what?. I also noticed that Olaf is almost always immediately recognizable to the Beaudelaires, but his associates are very rarely recognized by the children. I think this might be on purpose because Olaf doesn't care if the children know who he is since the adults will never believe them and if the 0rphans don't recognize the associate who is helping him then it technically would be easier to kidnap them. Case in point, in The Reptile Room, the hook-handed man is posing as the doctor so no matter in whose car the Beaudelaires ended up in they would have been in Olaf's clutches. Fortunately for the children, Olaf always underestimates him (you would think he would learn) and they get away. Currently, I am on The Hostile Hospital. The abuse these poor children put up with is incredible. In one of the early books, one of the adult characters remarks that another adult character had a terrible childhood and Violet says she thinks she is having one too. This is an extreme understandment but then again she doesn't know what else is coming up. Therapy city for these kids!

I like having audio books playing in the car because I can't stand the radio and I am hoping that it helps LM with language development. Tim Curry does an excellent job with these books and I can't think of anyone who would do better. Daniel Handler narrates books 3-5 and is okay but I much prefer Tim Curry. He is an excellent actor and puts matterisms into the characters.

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