Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nature-Inspired (or haven't we seen this challenge already?)

This week on Project Runway the designers had to create a gown based on something from the New York Botanical Gardens, but not, you know, made from the New York Botanical Gardens. Is it me or are they recycling challenges left and right? Not only from past shows but from this season itself!
Jerell made a strapless, very pretty, could kinda see it on a red carpet dress based on a rose bush. Very nice. He sorta wins.
Korto made a orangey, lacey, sparkling dress based on a flamenco flower. I liked it but maybe there was something I didn't see. (Of course, I like Caine's dress that put him out so maybe my taste level isn't quite there.)
Leanne made a "sad and serious" dress that was pretty but needed to lose a couple of ruffles based on a lavender flower.
Kenley (oh, Kenley) made a Morticia Adams but purple snake skin dress based some leaves or something.
Kenley's attitude was the big thing this week. She has been so rude and obnoxious to everyone but expects them to be nice to her. The way she said Heidi made me what to slap her. The guest judge looked so uncomfortable.
Next week, everyone gets rejudged (word?) to see who gets to compete in the final three.

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  1. Kenley is HORRIBLE!

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