Saturday, May 30, 2015

Potty trained

I wrote back in January that Button was 95% potty trained and I'm honestly not sure when it happened but one day I realized she was 100% trained. I hadn't changed dirty underwear for quite sometime and just like that I had two regular undiapered kids. It's pretty amazing. I can't say that I did anything amazing to facilitate this other than constantly remind her to use the potty and when she had an accident say over and over again that "it's okay but big girls use the potty and where does poop go? In the potty." It's been my constant refrain for a long time. Her daycare teacher had a lot to do with it and she was amazing. Mostly I think it was Button's constant need to be like big brother that did it.

I feel like we had a lot less struggle with Button than we did with Bub but that's hardly apples to apples. Bub = first born boy, Button = second born girl. I'm not saying that she hasn't had a few setbacks now and again. When she's sick she tends to wet the bed and she had a hard time at my in-laws' new house since their toilets are really high and she couldn't go by herself. But things like that are too be expected.  I'm just happy for no more diapers ever again!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Free style summer

I never knew how much parents looked forward to summer until my kid started school. Although I'm guessing that same statement might not apply to stay at home parents. But it does for this mom. No more homework or car rider lines or worrying about AR tests and conduct grades and unexcused absences! This summer is going to shape up much like last year with Bub at summer camp at Button's daycare. He has a good time there. We don't have any summer plans for vacation or anything. We could never quite work it out. I'm calling it our free-stylin' summer since I think we are just going to see how it goes. The kids have swim lessons later in June and that's the extent of our current plans. We visited BT's parent's new house in Florida for Memorial Day weekend and I think we'll go back either before Bub goes back to school or for his fall break.

Bub's last day was Wednesday so my dad had him yesterday and I have today. He is going to start summer camp on Monday and I thought I'd give him a couple of days off before he started that (and save that money to be frank). I ended up keeping Button home and we are going to the public library's summer reading kick-off to have some fun over there and sign-up for the program. One of my plans this summer is to have at least 15 minutes of quiet reading a day. I'm looking forward to having a quiet summer in general.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Arts and other creative things

Bub goes to the arts & technology elementary school in our parish (county to the rest of the U.S.) and they take 7 arts for K-2. At the end of 2nd grade each child has to chose 3 arts to take in the 3rd grade and then narrow it down to 1 from those for 4th and 5th grades. It's kind of like choosing a major only they give you 4 years to try them out and pick. The goal is to be able to get into the arts middle school program with your chosen art. I'm not sure at this point if he wants to do that or go to the science middle school. I'm fine with either. So this year he was highly recommended for piano, which is great because we recently acquired BT's parents' piano. He was recommended for drama, dance, visual art, strings and band. The only one not on the list was vocal and it's easy to see why. He sings like I do, full of emotion but lacking in tune and/or pitch. So he ended up choosing piano, drama and dance which is perfect for him with band as his alternate. I'm not sure when they send out the final schedule of which ones they were assigned. But hopefully he gets the ones he chose. Dance is perfect since he needs all the physical motion he can get and drama is perfect because, well, he is a very dramatic child. Although I'm not entirely convinced that he understands the concept of drama equals plays, but I guess he'll find out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Party like it's my birthday

Because it is!  My birthday, I mean. Yes today I'm turning the crusty old age of 37. My plans for today including going to work, taking my son to school, going back to work, working, and then leaving early and going to the movies to see Pitch Perfect 2. I'm pretty excited. Maybe not for the work part but the movies sound pretty good. My coworker mentioned lunch but I think I just want to eat movie nachos and chill. It's not exciting but then I've never been inclined toward the exciting so it suits me just fine. I may even buy myself a book and the drink a margarita with the fajitas my husband is gong to make me.

I kind of can't believe that I am 37. You ever have one of the those moments when you suddenly realize how old you are. Yeah, that's me. I had a moment the other day when I was suddenly surprised to find that I was 36 and a mother of two. It was weird but it was a moment of just supreme awareness. And I know that 37 is nowhere near old but I keep thinking about how close to 40 I am. Turning 30 didn't bother me and 35 was whatever but I have a feeling I'm going to take 40 hard especially judging by the way I'm dwelling on 37. But a coworker asked me what more I wanted to accomplish in life?Nothing, really. I have a beautiful family, a good career and a nice house. I think I've done pretty well for myself. So it's not that. It's just a weird thing.