Saturday, May 30, 2015

Potty trained

I wrote back in January that Button was 95% potty trained and I'm honestly not sure when it happened but one day I realized she was 100% trained. I hadn't changed dirty underwear for quite sometime and just like that I had two regular undiapered kids. It's pretty amazing. I can't say that I did anything amazing to facilitate this other than constantly remind her to use the potty and when she had an accident say over and over again that "it's okay but big girls use the potty and where does poop go? In the potty." It's been my constant refrain for a long time. Her daycare teacher had a lot to do with it and she was amazing. Mostly I think it was Button's constant need to be like big brother that did it.

I feel like we had a lot less struggle with Button than we did with Bub but that's hardly apples to apples. Bub = first born boy, Button = second born girl. I'm not saying that she hasn't had a few setbacks now and again. When she's sick she tends to wet the bed and she had a hard time at my in-laws' new house since their toilets are really high and she couldn't go by herself. But things like that are too be expected.  I'm just happy for no more diapers ever again!

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