Thursday, April 30, 2009

The end of BEDA

So it's the last day of BEDA and I'm sick. Not about the end of BEDA, although I am sad about that, but just sick in general. My husband is convinced I have the swine flu but I think it is just a cold from being run down. I don't sleep enough and every now and then my body breaks down and is like no, you will sleep because I will make you miserable. I came home early yesterday and slept for 4 hours and decided to take today as a day of rest too. I took the little man to daycare so I don't have to mess with him and hopefully not make him sick too.

So anyway the last day of BEDA...I'm actually feeling sad about this. I have enjoyed this experience and I'm glad I decided to take part. Usually I think about doing stuff like this but then don't and regret it. It was fun and I meet some great people through BEDA and found some blogs that I like to follow and my BEDA buddies are great so it was a fun experience.

I managed to blog everyday and I'm proud of that. I have no idea what I talked about, but still I found that it's hard to think of topics for everyday and that some days are better than others. I don't know if I'll keep up the everyday thing but I will definitely being blogging a couple times a week if not more. I've gotten into the habit and that's cool. So thank you to Maureen Johnson and her one off comment on Twitter about blogging everyday in April that became the huge thing called BEDA. It was fun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mais, dats good, yeah

I am from Louisiana. But not just from Louisiana, but from southern Louisiana which is even better. We have the best food, the best party, and the best time. We do it right round here. Even more specifically I live in a part of Louisiana called Acadiana. I use to work in New Iberia which has a large Cajun-French population. This leads to some very interesting expression that they use down here. I was born in another part of the state, still in southern Louisiana but the Cajun population is not as big. So when we moved over here, these expression and words have creeped into my vocabulary. Most of these expressions have come about from translating the french to the english. Let me teach you a little something.

To make grocery: go to the grocery store
example: She went to make grocery.

To get down: get out
example: Are you going to get down at the store?

To save: to put away
Save the dishes in the cabinet.

Fais do-do: a big dance (literally means to go to sleep since the children would be put to bed before the adults had their party)
Are you going to the fais do-do tonight?

Pass a good time: have fun
We passed a good time at the festival last weekend.

make a bahbin (ba-bahn): hanging your lower lip while pouting
My child makes a bahbin when he doesn't get ice cream.

mais (may): well
Mais, but that's some good soup.
Usually this is said at the beginning of a sentence, but sometimes used as an exclamation.
Mais! or Mais la! (I use this a lot.)

Yeah: used at the end of sentence. Most sentences end with yeah.

Canaille (ca nie): mischievous
That little boy is canaille, yeah.
(I'm thinking of getting Bubbie a shirt that says this.)

Ca Viens?: How's it coming? (a greeting)

Boude (Boo-day): to pout
Quit bouding and go outside.

poo-yi: smelly
Poo-yi, that stinks!

envie: craving
I have the envie for some ice cream.

shâ (shah): dear, equivolent of cher in standard French
shâ is used for anything cute or as a term of endearment

shâ-shâ: to cuddle or treat gently, usually in speaking to babies or children
Shâ-shâ the baby.
(I say this a lot too. I tell the boy to shâ-shâ the dogs a lot.)

We also have our share of dats, dis, and deres.

There are many more and it's hard to get the accent down in text. I should make a video explaining how it is pronounced. Needless to say, most actors who are not from here do not get the accent right.

I would like to note that not everyone here talks this way but most people use a least one expression without meaning too. There are many more words that we use without realizing it. It's part of the unique and wonderful culture that exists down here in Louisiana (lou-z-ana).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tantalize & Eternal

New book review up at The Little Bookworm for BEDA today. It's a 2-fer for the books Tantalize and Eternal by Cynthia Leitich Smith, some of the best books I've read in a while.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wash Your Hands!!

I'm not a doctor and I certainly never played one on TV or am in no way fit to give medical advice, except as a mother. But if I can give advice on anything, it is this: WASH YOUR HANDS!

I have been reading and seeing about the swine flu everywhere I go today on the internet. It has even infiltrated my Twitter which I love like delicious cake. I'm getting a little paranoid here. My husband called and I was all so what about this swine flu? Apparently the girls at his work are getting paranoid too. But from what I understand it is mostly passed from person to person and not swine to person, as most people don't go around with pigs all day. And the best way to prevent getting it, like any flu or sickness, is to wash your hands! The fact that anyone needs to be told this worries me. I thought people washed their hands periodically, just for cleanliness sake and if nothing else then after you've used the restroom. It's just gross if you don't (sorry). Thanks to Peeps by Scott Westerfeld and the afterword (and having a baby), I wash my hands obsessively. I think the best way to make sure you wash them long enough is to say the alphabet to yourself (or aloud if that helps) while using soap and scrubbing your hands together. Warm water is best.

I also use hand sanitizer but you are not suppose to overuse cause it can lead to sickness (is that ironic? I'm afraid to say it). I can't use Purell or the regular gel sanitizers since I have eczema outbreaks on my hands and it is basically like pouring pure alcohol on open wounds (well, it is actually pouring pure alcohol on open wounds but I digress). I use Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer which is a spray and smells like an herb garden. The one I like the best is Burt's Bees Hand Sanitizer which has aloe and witch hazel so it smells really nice. It has alcohol but doesn't burn like the others.

Anyway, if you have learned nothing from this but one thing, it should be this: Wash your hands, esp. after petting your pet pig.
Now I'm off. I'm feeling a little paranoid now, gotta wash my hands.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pass a good time

Yesterday, we went to one of the major festivals here in Louisiana, Festival International. It's one of the biggest festivals and features musicians from around the world. It was the first time we had gone together. After the boy woke up from his afternoon nap, we gathered our stuff and drove down there. Parking was tough but we found a spot in a ditch. We saw three bands. The Quebe Sisters Band are from Texas and they have an old-fashioned sound that I like, sort of like the Andrews Sisters. Bub had to be at the front so he ran up there and we danced some. Then we saw Dengue Fever, a band from Cambodia, which had a surfer rock sound. And the last band, which we caught the tail end of was The Amazing Nuns, from Lafayette, LA, who were a little Blues Brothers. We got to play in the foundation and eat some great food. We passed a good time, cher.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

And then the shark jumped out of the water and ate them!

Last night while flipping through the channels, BT discovered that Deep Blue Sea was on. Knowing my love of shark movies, he stopped just for me. The first time I saw Jaws, I was around 8 or 9. My sister's friend had a copy. In retrospect, it was not my best decision to watch that movie. I was scared of swimming pools and the beach for a long time.

Now, however, I love these types of movies. I don't own any for some reason but I will watch them on TV if they are on. When we moved when I was 13, my cousin and I were watching Jaws 2 when the adults were painting and doing wallpaper and one of my aunts kept coming and watching and covering her face, but she kept coming back.

The cool thing about the original Jaws so the mystery of the shark. Because of technical problems, the film makers decided to show the shark as little as possible but that made the movie creepier. Once you actually see the shark, it's a little less terrifying since, honestly, it is not the best shark ever made.

I also love Deep Blue Sea. The sharks are very well done of course. But I also like Lake Placid and I've seen Piranha but it wasn't my favorite. Basically any underwater predator who eats people movie and I'm there, the bigger the better. I laughed my ass off when, at the end of Undercover Brother, the shark jumped out of the water and ate the guy. Basically, every movie needs to end with someone making out or getting eaten by a shark.

I've read the Jaws book and the book Meg, a Jaws rip-off about a Carcharodon megalodon, a prehistoric shark. It was okay but Jaws does it better as always.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Poetry for the heart

Besides hosting the illustrious BEDA project, April is also National Poetry Month. In honor of that, I think I will share two of my favorite poems with you. I read these when I was an undergraduate in a creative writing class and they have stayed with me all this time. The bolded parts are the ones that I remember the most and speak to me. I don't know what it says about me now but it might be a good indication of who I was at 20. I had just started dating my husband around this time and he had moved back to his parent's house for various reasons.

Secret Life

By Stephen Dunn

Why you need to have one
is not much more mysterious than
why you don't say what you think
at the birth of an ugly baby.
Or, you've just made love
and feel you'd rather have been
in a dark booth where your partner
was nodding, whispering yes, yes,
you're brilliant. The secret life
begins early, is kept alive
by all that's unpopular
in you, all that you know
a Baptist, say, or some other
accountant would object to.
It becomes what you'd most protect
if the government said you can protect
one thing, all else is ours.
When you write late at night
it's like a small fire
in a clearing, it's what
radiates and what can hurt
if you get too close to it.
It's why your silence is a kind of truth.
Even when you speak to your best friend,
the one who'll never betray you,
you always leave out one thing;
a secret life is that important.


Nikki Giovanni

in life
one is always

like we juggle our mothers
against our fathers

or one teacher
against another
(only to balance our grade average)

3 grains of salt
to one ounce truth

our sweet black essence
or the funky honkies down the street

and lately i've begun wondering
if you're trying to tell me something

we used to talk all night
and do things alone together

and i've begun

(as a reaction to a feeling)
to balance
the pleasure of loneliness
against the pain
of loving you

What happens when you go to the mall after a migraine?

There was no new Lost on last night and I didn't get a chance to watch the special yet. As you may know though, I had a migraine that started Friday night and lasted through Saturday night. Sunday I was feeling much better and, since my original weekend plans were to go summer clothes shopping for the little boy on Saturday, I decided to go ahead on do that.

Now I don't like the mall on a normal feeling okay day so what possessed me to think I would enjoy going there after a debilitating headache I really don't know. But I called my mom, who had Bubbie at the time, and she agreed to go with me. She brought him over and we packed up and went. So we went to a few places that I like to get his clothes (besides Target but I wasn't going there too). I usually go to The Children's Place since the shorts have an adjustable waist and this is key to getting his pants on his skinny butt. I'm not kidding, he is 2 years (28 months) and he still fits into his 18 month shorts from last summer. This is good in a way because I can make shorts last 2 summers although by the end of the summer he will (hopefully) be too big for the 18 month shorts.

But I we hit The Children's Place and I get him some T-shirts and underwear for when he starts potty training (Please be soon!) and my mom got him some shorts. We went to Gymboree but they are so expensive (I use to work there) and it is a small store (well, not at that exact store) so we left (but for the company). My husband just happened to be visiting the kiosk that he runs there (he has a bigger store too) so that was nice (he manages a coffee shop). Then we hit up JcPenny's and that was jackpot. Penny's always has good sales and I like the Okie Dokie clothes because they are good play clothes and wash really well. Bubbie is hard on his clothes. So between the two of us we got him some good shirts and shorts and I got him 2 outfit sets because it was buy one get for 88¢ ! But I started to feel tired so it was time to leave. Bubbie was so good the whole time and stayed in his stroller except at Gymboree when I let him out to go watch the TV and play with the other kids.

So we stopped and got him some sandals and then my mom decided she wanted lunch. By this time I was getting really tired but I agreed but really didn't have an appetite. We stopped at a deli and I was getting really hot (I think I might have had a fever) and Bubbie decided he wanted to run away which I generally discourage. So we had a little battle of wills and I finally took him outside to calm down. Then he was wet from either spilling juice or his diaper or both. So I decided to put a pair of the new shorts on him and my mom gave me her keys. Now I always park in one particular area when I got to this restaurant but my mom had parked somewhere completely different. So I go out and am trying to unlock her car and keep hitting the button but it won't open! So I tried unlocking it with the key but the key didn't fit. This should have given me a clue but I was hot and tired and feeling sick so my brain was non-functioning. I went back in and was like It doesn't work and she said she would try and walked out the completely opposite door. It turned out I was trying to open someone else's car for like 5 minutes. In my defense, it was parked where I always park and looked exactly like my mom's car. If she had just looked out the window, she would have seen me doing this. We went home and the boy and I laid down after that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favorite Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

Everyone has rainy day movies. When it's yucky raining outside and you can curl up in bed or on the couch and just watch movies. Here are my favorites in no order.

1. Clue : You have no idea how much I love this movie. I have been watching this movie since it came on HBO and we taped it (with VHS tapes!) and watched it so much that the video eventually broke and me, my mom, and my sister had to buy our own copies on DVD (this is mostly cause we don't live together anymore). I can quote practically the whole movie and this is not a movie to watch with me if you hate it when people do that. My favorite quote is
Colonel Mustard: This is war, Peacock. Casualties are inevitable. You can not make an omelet without breaking eggs, every cook will tell you that.
Mrs. Peacock: But look what happened to the cook!
Also it has the best cast: Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Michael McKean, and Lesly Ann Warren. These people are fantastic and all in one movie!

If you don't know what Clue is about, I don't know what to do with you. But... the guests at a dinner party try to find out who killed Mr. Body in what room and with what weapon.

2. Spirited Away: Others would pick Howl's Moving Castle, or Princess Mononoke or maybe even My Neighbor Toroto as their favorite Hayao Miyazaki, but I've always like Spirited Away. It is about a young girl whose parents are turned into pigs after consuming the food of the gods and who works in a bathhouse for those gods while trying to get her parents back. The animation is splendid and the story is really good and creepy at times.

3. Bringing Up Baby: I confess to loving old movies and particularly Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn. But this is one of the greats. They are matched made in heaven and so beautiful to look at and their comedic timing is perfect. Katharine Hepburn plays a rich heiress who decides she loves Cary Grant's paleontologist character. It involves a missing bone, a dog, a leopard, and a trip to her aunt's. Beyond that, it's hard to give a brief synopsis. But if you've never seen it, go now. I'll wait here.

(My favorite scence is when Katharine Hepburn is marching around saying "I was born on the side of a hill." Cracks me up everytime.)

4. Any of the Sailor Moon movies: I've talked before about my love of Sailor Moon, my absolute favorite anime show. About two years a girl I use to work with gave me all the movies on DVD and that made me happy. I only had them on VHS and, alas, my VCR was no more so I wasn't able to watch them. But now I can and frequently do. I prefer the Japanese with the subtitles because, frankly, Usagi/Serena's English voice is annoying. There are 3 movies are Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon SuperS, after the series seasons. My favorite is the S movie. Sailor Moon is a magical girl series. The evil Princess Snow Kaguya is after the Earth and tries to freeze it in order to gain control. The Sailor Senshi (or Soldiers) fight her. There is also a subplot about the talking cat, Luna.

5. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: Even though I was disappointed by Jim Carrey in this movie, it is still one of my favorites. The children they picked for the Baudelaires are perfect and they do an excellent job. I don't even mind the order change since it makes sense for the movie. These are some of my favorite books and I really like this movie. In fact, I lost my first copy of this movie and had to buy a new one. If you've never heard of this movie or its book series (and if you haven't, COME ON), orphan children fight against an evil villain to steal their money.

"What the Hell? I've lived a good life.*"

Let me give you a little** of my bio in case you are wondering anything about me. I don't know why you would but still you never know.

Currently I am 30 but soon I will be turning 31 and this is not something I am looking forward to for reasons unknown. I mean, once you turn 30 then 31 should be fine right? Well, the fact is 30 is right there next to your 20's so you are not so far removed. Just a year ago, you were right there with the 20 something crowd so it's cool. But, at 31, that is sadly not the case. You are old, like a grandma or something. Your bones are creaking and you complain how loud things are and that your back hurts and you worry about premiums and insurance and your mortgage***. 31 is sad, yo.

Although I will be getting this bike for my birthday and will get a basket so later in life I can embarrass my child as much as possible. Oh yes, I will be one of those moms.****

Speaking of being a mom, I am one! I have a currently 2 year old son who I call Bubbie online and to his face. Sometimes he will refer to himself that way too. When he was born, I called him Buddy for a long time. I started to wonder if I had named him the wrong name, but my husband, BT (which is also what I actually call him to his face among other things), assured me that we did name him the right thing. I try to protect his privacy so I don't usually refer to him by his real name. Does that make me weird? I don't know, but whatever helps. I also call him my little man, the boy, the child, and THE MAN cause he is just that cool.

I love my child like crazy whoa. I didn't even know how most (good) mothers felt about their children until I had him. You just can't imagine that kind of connection. It's annoying when people say you don't know until you have one of your own, but I think that's true. My pregnancy for him was really good and mostly uneventful until the actual having of him. Then he didn't want to come out even though I was a week overdue and I had to have a c-section. So this is what I learned: children are who they are even in the womb and my child does not like to be made to do stuff, he likes to think of it on his own. He is very much after my own heart. My mom laughs and points because she had to deal with me as a toddler much like Bubbie is now. If you follow me on Twitter then you will hear a lot about him.

Also, you may have noticed I'm married. I have been married 4 years; will be 5 in October. We have been a couple though since we were 20. That makes 10 whole years together; 11 in October. Oh yes, a whole decade with my husband. It's been interesting to say the least, but the good on the whole. We have a good time together and know each other really well and like most of the same things. We meet when two of our friends became roommates and we went, separately, to visit our friends and then like 3 weeks started dating or whatever. Basically, we were an instance couple and that was that.

And lastly, cause this is long, I am a librarian. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and had planned on going to grad school for that but it didn't really work out the way I'd hoped. Plan B became to go to grad school for Library Science so I did. I earned my MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) in 2004 with a concentration in Special Libraries, but ended up becoming a Reference Librarian for a Public Library when they were the only ones to offer me a job. So I did that for 4 years before I almost died (not literally) from the stress of being the ONLY reference librarian in the system and just completely burning out. So I moved on and eventually settled here at my current job at an academic library, not doing reference, which is how I prefer things.

*Do you know where this quote comes from?
**Well, long as it turns out.
***Look, I know people do this in their 20's. Work with me here.
****Not really, I just say these things, no reason to fear for my child.

Monday, April 20, 2009

20 Baby Products Great For Traumatizing Infants - Page 2 |

Metallica Lullabies

Despite what metal purists think, Metallica Lullabies is not a box set of everything they've released after '..And Justice For All'. It is reimagined and repackaged...

What's in a name?

So I did the name analyzer thing on Facebook and this is what it came up with:

So let's analyze the name analyzer and see how well it did.

A is for aggressive. Yes, I can agree to that. My husband would say I was pretty aggressive. I know how to stand up for myself, even when it gets me into trouble. I also know how to keep my mouth shut so I stay out of trouble.

N is for Natural. I try to eat and use organic products. I don't wear a ton of makeup so I usually look more "natural." I assume this is what it was referring too.

D is for Delicious. I don't know how to response to that.

R is for Remarkable. Why yes, thank you, but really I have done nothing wholly remarkable in my life. I'm the 3rd person on my dad's side to get a Master's and the 1st on my mom's side. On my mom's side I'm the 2nd to even get a Bachelor's (my sister is the other one). That can be remarkable, I guess.

E is for Enlightened. I'm not a very spiritual person by far, but I do strive to empathize with others. I am always trying to be better; a better person; a better wife; a better mother. I try to recognize my faults and overcome them. This is a hard thing to do and I'm not always great at it.

A is for Athletic. This is apparently when the name analyzer gave up because I am the least athletic person I know. I was never really into sports but I played softball for about 3 years or so when I was around 7ish to 10ish maybe. I started dancing when I was 6 and did that until I was 12, then we moved and I gave it up (which I bitterly regret). Now I do nothing athletic, although I am getting a bike for my birthday next month...

So that is my name completely analyzed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Time Favorite Books

I'm feeling much better today. BT bought me some Excedrin Migraine and my mom told me to drink a coke and eat some chocolate so the combination must have worked. I just have a slight headache today, nothing crippling like yesterday.

I was thinking last night about my top 5 all time favorite books. These are books that I have read multiple times. So in no particular order, here they are:

1. Auntie Mame: I first saw the Rosalind Russell movie when I was around 12ish and I loved it. I am a big fan of old movies. Then I found out it was a book and it was at my local library. So I read it and the sequel then. Then when I was in grad school, I read it again. Then my mom bought me a paperback copy and I've read that copy several times. It just doesn't get better than Auntie Mame.

2. Jurassic Park: I'm a big Michael Crichton fan and I've never read a book by him I didn't enjoy. Jurassic Park is the only one, though, that I've read several times. In fact, we were weeding our home collection and it was one of the paperbacks I just had to keep. I really need a hardcover. I've never been a big dinosaur person but I LOVED this book and the movie too, of course.

3. Ender's Game: I was introduced to this by BT. It is his all time favorite book and, when we started dating, I figured I should read it too. It has to be one of the best books ever written! I've read all the the Enders series and all of the Bean series. But Ender's Game is the one I've read the most.

4. Skinny Legs and All tied with Jitterbug Perfume: It's hard to choose between these to Tom Robbins' books. Skinny Leg and All was the first one I read and you never forget your first Tom Robbins but Jitterbug Perfume has one of my favorite quotes, "Louisiana in September was like an obscence phone call from nature. The air even sounds like heavy breathing."

5. Someplace to Be Flying: Who doesn't love Charles de Lint? I am part Native American so I guess the animal people parts really speak to me. I love the idea of Raven, and the Crow Girls, and Jackdaw. Something about this book amazes me. I've even made others read it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pain, Lots of Pain

This is going to very short and I don't really have the energy for this but I haven't missed a day yet. I have a migraine. I haven't had one of those since I was 14 and I forgot just how painful it is. I started getting migraines when I was 5 and that lasted until I was 14. And now I have one again. Luckily my mom is going to come and get the little man so I don't have to try and care for him while my head explodes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Need Book Review

I posted a review of Need by Carrie Jones over at The Little Bookworm. It a good book about pixies and other scary magical creatures.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Some Like It Hoth" (Lost Thoughts)

So finally a Miles episode and it was completely awesome as it should be. We got confirmation that Dr. Pierre Chang is Miles' dad like we already suspected.

Off-Island: At the beginning of the episode, Lil'Miles' mom is looking for an apartment and Miles is looking around and hears someone so he investigates and finds a dead man. He yells for his mom who comes and he tells her he can still hear him. Later, when Miles is older, he visits his mom who is dying and asks her about his dad and how come he is the way he is and she tells him that his dad kicked them out and didn't care about them. But later we see evidence of something different. Anyway, he asked where his dad is buried, I guess thinking he can get answers from him but his mom tells him his dad is somewhere he can't go.

Still later, we see Miles doing his spirit business and tells a dad, Howard Gray, that his son always knew he loved him and the man is happy to know this. Afterwards, Naomi approaches him and offers him 1.6 million to come to the island where his gift will be useful to them. So, of course, Miles agrees. Then he is kidnapped by Bram of "what lies in the shadow of the statue" fame who asks him not to help Widmore but Miles is only interested in money. Bram tells him that he (Bram) is working for the winning team and Miles is playing for the wrong team and tosses him out of the van. Miles goes back to visit Howard Gray to tell him he should have told his son he loved him when he was alive if he wanted the son to know.

Island 1977: Kate and James come back from giving Lil'Ben to Richard Alpert. James tells Miles to erase the surveillance tape but before he can, Horace comes in and takes him into the "circle of trust" and asks him to pick up a package from Radzinsky. It turns out to be a body and Miles finds out what happened which was the guy's filling was yanked by a force out of his head and exited through his forehead! Radzinksy tells him to bring the body to Horace who tells him to bring it to Dr. Chang. Miles picks up Hurley, accidentally, who finds out about the body and guesses about Miles' ability, but it is okay because Hurley too talks to dead people and even plays chess with them. (LOL) So at the Orchid, Dr. Chang is unhappy by Hurley's presence and Hurley calls him a "douche" and Miles says that is his father, like we didn't already know.

Then they take Dr. Chang to Radzinsky at the Swan's construction site and Hurley is asking Dr. Chang questions about his family who has a 3 month old son named Miles. Dr. Chang is mildly interested in our Miles but doesn't put 2 and 2 together and come up with Asian son named Miles. Then at the Swan, Miles and Hurley witness the hatch getting its serial number which are the numbers. Later Hurley tells Miles about his own dad and how it was good they made up. Mile sees Dr. Chang reading a book about polar bears to his 3 month old son (so cute!) and gets a little chocked up. Dr. Chang gets a phone call and comes out and tells Miles he needs him. Miles responds with a hopeful "You do?" and then takes Dr. Chang out to the pier where a sub full of Ann Arbor scientists is docked. And one of them is Daniel Faraday! Da Dum!

There was also a plot B about Roger who suddenly gives a crap about his son and takes to blaming Kate cause she is dumb and accidentally gives too much away by being caring. And Roger learns that Jack is taller than him as Jack steps up to him to tells him to leave Kate alone and he is drunk. But Roger is suspicious so that does not bode well.

So the cryptic comment that Faraday was not there was literal because I was thinking maybe mentally he was not there. Also more daddy issues for the show.
I'm thinking that shadow of the statue (SotS) people are some sort of island cult thing. And they live off-island but are back to protect the island from all the shenanigans going on and they don't work for Widmore or Ben. Also they are pissing me off.

Last night's dream

So here was my dream from last night. Before all this happened, there was something about a Disney Parade of Stars on TV and Miley Cyrus was riding on an elephant and singing and then my mom told me to go to work or something. So...

I was driving down the highway when I spotted a dead animal on the side of the road. It looked like a cat from far away but when I got close I saw that it was a lion cub. There is a zoo on that road so I was concerned. I got to my parent's property which looked nothing like my parent's real property and parked in this wooded area which apparently was adjacent to where I worked. So I was wearing a skirt and my espadrille wedges (I had a shirt on too). And there was a big rock and the path that went through the rock was overgrown and gross so I went around it and walked through till it became a wooded area and there was a lion doing something. When I saw it I stopped because I was scared but I scared the lion so it ran off. Then I was concerned because I saw a gorilla over by the pond and didn't know if all the animals had escaped the zoo or something. So I got out my cell phone and called animal services. As I was doing this, I kept walking and walked out between two high rises. The lady on the phone understood what I was trying to say and believed me about the lion and the lion cub and the gorilla. So while I was talking to her this guy came up and started trying to talk to me but I waved him away and told him "See this. It is a phone and I am on it. GO AWAY!" so he left. And then Lindsay Lohan, who had apparently saw all this, walked up and told me it was awesome how I got rid of that guy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


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We went to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans the other day. The little boy, B, loves animals like a whole lot so we thought it would be fun. He'd only been the the little zoo by our house which is nothing compared to the New Orleans Zoo. So the Monday after Easter, we drove over there. I hadn't been to the Audubon Zoo in a very long time and it is so nice. It is a very pretty zoo with lots of room for the animals. B's favorite animal are elephants. He carries a stuffed elephant around with him that is his lovely and can say elephant pretty well for a 2 year old.

Here's some pics from our trip:

This was early in the morning so everyone was just waking up and the tiger was laying around.

The Gorilla had just eaten was moving over to finish off his last sweet potato.

The little giraffe is only 3 and kept hitting the bigger one in the side until the big one got tired and whacked him back.

Big ol' alligators!

Relaxin Orangutan


White alligator. They have two, but this was the bigger one.

We even got to ride the Carousel, although we skipped the train. B got to ride a zebra.

This is just some of the highlights. We had a lot of fun and it was a very nice day most of the day. Next time is the Aquarium of the Americas!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What the Buck Hannah Montana in 7 minutes

So funny!

Games of Choice

More fun facts about me:
I like to play video games. I always have since our first Atari, then our first Nintendo console and so on. I, of course, was a big Mario fan so I have always enjoyed RPG-type or platform games. One of my favorite early games was Jersey Devil for the Playstation 1. It was a platform game where you played the character Jersey Devil in his quest to defeat the evil Dr. Knarf. I loved that game!

My sister-in-law, who is almost 9 years younger than I am, always had Sims on her computer and I played that a lot. Like a lot a lot, but our computer at home was so slow I could never load it. Then Sims started coming out for game consoles and it was on. I think I've bought every Sims game for PS2 and beaten them all except for Sims Pets, mostly cause I had a baby right around that time. I also have MySims and MySims Kingdom for Wii and both are super cute and fun. The objective for both is to build objects for the people in the world and make them happy. But each has its own cute world and objectives. I actually beat MySims Kingdom in just a couple of weeks.

My all time favorite(so far) game is Kingdom Hearts. I've played (and beaten) the first one. I bought Chain of Memories for the GBA but didn't beat it. I got into the Reverse/Rebirth part and played about half way through and for some reason put it down and didn't pick it up again. Then I got Kingdom Hearts II for the PS2 and played almost to the end. But I still haven't beaten it. I don't know why. I absolutely LOVED that game! I just have one final battle so I really need to get to one that. Recently I got Re: Chain of Memories for the PS2 for Christmas and started playing that a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping to finish that and then finish KH II afterwards. I found out recently that there are 2 new games coming out, both on handhelds that I don't own! :( One is Kingdom Hearts: 358/2> Days for the DS and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP which is a prequel for the original game. I definetaly planning on getting a DS already so I'll be able to plan that game but I don't know about getting a PSP.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How to have a crawfish boil

So down here in South Louisiana we have a fine tradition of the crawfish boil. Long ago, crawfish were not cool to eat and only poor people did it. But now, it's a family affair and can be expensive.

So here is how to have a crawfish boil (alcohol recommended but not required):

1. Get a pot.
2. Fill with w
ater and seasonings.
3. Boil t
he crawfish.
4. Enjoy!

Now normally I'm not one for cruelty and anything like that because you may not believe it but I have a very soft heart. But there is something so tasty about crawfish that I love it. The following is not for the faint of heart. So here is how to eat a crawfish:

5. Pick it up.
6. Snap the head off the tail.
7. (optional) Suck the head and get the fat out. I don't do this but it is very common.
8. Peel the tail off the meat.
9. Eat and Repeat.

Most crawfish boils include corn on the cob, sausage, onion, garlic, and potatoes. Some of bread to eat with all of it. Where I live is considered Cajun Country and we eat with a dipping sauce made of mayo, ketchup and Tabasco.

And that is the fine fun of a crawfish boil.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Year's Easter

First off, Happy Easter to anyone who read this!

Full confession: I didn't go to church today. I'm at my in-laws and they are Catholic but I'm Baptist. I've been to mass many times but I didn't feel like going today. I know our two year old, B, would have been all over the place and neither me or my husband, BT, felt like messing with him. They don't have a nursery or children's church.

I'm not a big church goer even though I say that I want to take B since I feel it is important for him to at least have the background and knowledge so later in life he can decide for himself how he feels about church. This being said I haven't done anything about it yet. There is a Baptist church in the town we moved to last year and I'm going to call and see what they have for his age. I use to love church when I was little. I would like him to have that too.

This morning we woke up and BT hid the dyed eggs in the backyard and then I hid the plastic ones with the toys inside. So B had a good time picking them up and throwing them very hard into his basket. He had to carry the basket instead of letting me. Then we showed him the toys inside. He got 3 Elmos, 1 Grover, 1 Cookie Monster, and 1 Bert plus 3 Cars. We also got him a blowup baseball and tee set which he really liked. Later I'd like to get him a play set for outside. But we will probably do that in the summer.

Later we are going to have crawfish. There is something off-putting about the can I actual boiling but they are so good that I can't complain. I know, I know but I'm a Louisiania girl what can I say.

So Happy Easter all! Have a good one.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Poor Puppy

Small anecdote for today.

When we got our dog, Java, he was 6 weeks old. We were at my in-laws outside. They have a curvy pool in the backyard. So I was walking on brick that lines the pool and Java was trotting behind me on his little puppy legs. When I hit the curve, instead of turning he kept going in a straight line and fell right into the pool! He was doggy paddling furiously so I reached in and pulled him out. He was traumatized, I think.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Missed it by *that* much

I am, like most people, not famous for many things. This is generally because I am not famous but even famous people are not famous for certain things. For example, most writers are famous for writing and not necessarily their ability to tango.

What I am famous for, in my circle of the world, is being late, reading instead of doing, and watching TV shows once they are doomed. This last thing is very true. Thanks to every TV show that ever was coming out on DVD, I can start watching a show only to find out that it is canceled.

Let's take Pushing Daisies. I got the first disc in from Netflix and started watching it. So cute and so good and I love Lee Pace and Chi McBride. Then I found out that the whole series is canceled. Imagine my disappointment! So I bought the first season and am now awaiting for the second season.

This happens to me a lot with Bryan Fuller shows. When we went on our honeymoonin 2004, we had to stop at a hotel in Florida (we were driving to Disney World) and before we went to sleep, we were watching TV and Dead Like Me was on. My husband didn't want to watch it intially but I said that I wanted to see what happened and then he got interested. So when we got home I checked to see what show it was and we got the first season. Then we found out it was canceled. So we bought the second season and the movie that recently came out.

I don't remember why I decided to watch Wonderfalls. I knew it was a canceled show but I like Bryan Fuller shows so I decided to go ahead. It was weird at first but the more you got into it the better it was. The main character had a lot of growth throughout the season and that was refreshing. And it had Lee Pace so that was awesome.

Lost, although not canceled, had only two season left. I started watching it in the hiatus between season 4 and season 5. The local public library owns a lot of TV show on DVD so I got seasons1-3 on DVD from them and then watched season 4 online. Now I'm caught up and post blogs on Lost most weeks! This is also true for Gossip Girl to some extent. I got season 1 on Netflix but by the time I finished it, season 2 was already on and I started recording it on the DVR but I recently broke the DVR so I didnt' get to see most of the episodes I taped! Whaaa.

I also started recording Dollhouse because I am a huge Joss Whendon fan. It is a good show but I hadn't watched the last 3 episodes I'd tape and now they are gone too and who knows if the show is even going to be renewed. This is classic of me. This thing is all of these show are excellent but they always cancel the really good ones (Gossip Girl doesn't count since it is not going to be canceled in the forseeable future.) This makes me sad because it seems I'm doomed to forever watch a show and then see it canceled only able to watch it on DVD forever more.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Dead is Dead" (Lost Thoughts)

It's been a rough morning so this is going to be all over the place. So far my math is holding up and I am proud of that.

So last night on Lost, it was a Ben-centric episode and those are always good. We learned that Widmore was banished for leaving the island too much and for having Penny while still an Other. He wanted Ben to kill BabyAlex and her mother but Ben couldn't do that so he took Alex and warned Danielle to run away when she heard whispering. He tried to kill Penny but was stopped by the sight of little Charlie and then Desmond pwned him big time and that is why he was hurt. He told Sun to apologize to Desmond if he didn't survive so either he felt remorse or he knows Desmond is important. Of course, Ben seems to have lost his ability to know what the island wants.

John Locke is all cryptic and annoying once more. He makes Ben live up to his word and summon the smoke monster (which is apparently done by pulling a drain, but then Smokey lives in the sewer system or vents). But it doesn't appear fast enough for John so he takes Ben to the temple. We see a hieroglyphic of what looks like Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god of the afterlife summoning a monster much like Smokey who may be named Cerberus, the watch dog of Hades. Then the monster pours out of the vents and shows Ben his life with Alex and how he let her die. He looks like he is going to cry. And then Alex shows up and tells him it is his fault and slams him against the wall making him promise to follow John Locke, who Ben was plotting to kill. But the island really doesn't want that and Ben should know if he had thought about John's history with the island. John is concerned about Ben and Ben, almost sobbing, tells him that "it let him live."

A couple of things occurred to me. When Ben saved BabyAlex and Widmore told him to kill her and Ben asked if that was the island or Widmore talking. Was that the turning point and why no babies could be born on the island? Is that why Ben was so obsessed with fixing that problem thus bringing Juliet aboard? Also Alex was the monster since it has done the dead people thing before (Yemi-Eko) And Ben had a similar experience as Eko with the smoke showing him imagines of his life. But Eko didn't not repent like Ben and died.

I am much annoyed with Illana and that whole thing. I think she must work for Widmore and caught Sayid knowing that it would land her on the island. I don't know if Cesar was in on it or that was just bad luck, but Ben totally shot him dead so either we will never see him again or the island will do something interesting with him.

Next episode is a Miles episode. I am so excited since I lobes him. It's almost as good as a Hurley episode.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Graveyard Book Review

For my BEDA today, I put up a book review for The Graveyard Book over her at The Little Bookworm. I was trying to post over there every Friday but I am behind so here ya go. Tomorrow will probably be Lost.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Re: 18 Things to Do Whenever

So last week Maureen Johnson posted a list in response to this list about 18 things to do before age 18. Here is what she said.

18 Things to Do Whenever

In response, I have developed my own list of 18 things that you can do AT ANY TIME. I remove the pressure of age—so if you are about to turn 18, or if you have long ago turned 18—it’s all good. These are 18 sensible, achievable things.

Here is my answer.

1. Blog every day in April

so far so good on that one.

2. Make some soup

I have never made soup except the in-the-can kind. My husband is a very good cook and has made many a homemade delicious soup.

3. Get a hat

I have a couple of hats. My favorite is a black Google hat that says "Feeling Lucky" on the back that I wear to the beach.

4. Read a book

This I have accomplished many times over. You know how in school the teachers always asks how many books you read over the summer, not counting required reading. I was one of the kids who read way too many.

5. Make a friend

Sadly, I don't have a ton of friends but the friends I do have are high quality. We don't hang out much, but it is always fun to see them and we e-mail a lot. I have also begun some very nice conversation on the ning with other BEDAers.

6. Say something nice to someone

I try to be nice to people. Sometimes I am not but for the most part I think I do okay. I always say nice things to my kid and sometimes to my husband!

7. Work on your moves

I got skillz you never dreamed existed. But I will work on them.

8. Speak for an entire day in a fake accent

I have never done this. I don't know if I could. I did use to spend certain days pretending I was mute and writing everything down when I was small.

9. Cultivate a completely imaginary relationship with someone famous

I'll try my best. I can't think of anyone though, off the top of my head though.

10. Do something completely sekrit

I'm not good at keeping things sekrit. My own stuff anyway, other people's stuff, yes.

11. Go into a store and pretend not to know how something works

I can imagine doing this. I'm not one to be noticed.

12. Spend one week completely offline

I really need to do this. It will be hard with my job though. But I need to get off the computer at home.

13. Plan to go somewhere

I am planning a trip to my in-laws soon and a trip to Florida this summer.

14. Hit the shiny red button

When I find one, check.

15. Write to me (Maureen)

I have done this via Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I respond but I don't know how clever I am.

16. Learn to sew on a button


17. Admit it

I admit nothing.

18. Try again tomorrow

I always do.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Twilight Sweethearts

So today my friend came to my work for a school-related reason but came to visit me in my office since she hadn't seen it yet. Anyway, she generously brought me some Twilight Sweethearts: Forbidden Fruits Flavors. This is my Twitter feed upon opening them up and eating them.

mumford5: I got some Twilight Sweethearts! They are sparkly and smell good!

mumford5: They do not taste good, but they are pretty.

mumford5: I don't know if that is a subtle commentary of Twilight itself or not, but they do sparkle.

mumford5: In fact, they actually taste like perfume.

mumford5: But I appreciate her giving them to me, it was so nice!

When I say that they taste like perfume, I am not kidding. It is a strange sort of taste. The only ones that are okay are the orange ones which I'm told are Orange Obsession (sparkles). The other flavors are Tempting Apple, Passion Fruit (sparkles), and Secret Strawberry. The sparkling ones, much like Edward, don't so much sparkle as kind of shimmer.

Also the box tells me that "The Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest." So I don't know what that means but there is really nothing that sweet about them. The hearts say things like "I <3 EC" and "Bad Guy" and "With You" and "Forks" as well as "Trust Me" and "Trust You" so yeah, they are very twilighty.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My dogs

I have been sitting here trying to think what to write about. I came up with some ideas last night but I'm not in the mood for those right now.

So I'll tell you about my dogs. I have two dogs, Java and Kona. Both are named after coffee since my husband works for a coffee company. First dog is Java Joe Bean (full name). He is almost five and is a miniature dachshund, although is more of a "tweenie" since he weights about 25 pounds and is much bigger than most miniatures. My husband, BT, got him for his birthday one year and he came from a breeder. He was our baby for a long time until we had a real kid and now he patiently puts up with the child. Sadly, he doesn't get the attention he used to but we still take care of him. Most of the time he is someone's lap but you never know how he gets there. He just appears! He is pretty good now although he caused a lot of trouble when he was a puppy. Java puts up with the little boy who loves him so much. Every morning when he wakes up he says "Where's Java?" first thing.

Kona showed up on my mom's front porch one day and stayed for 3 days. My mom brought him to the pound but they were closed so BT said that if the dog was still there when he got home from work, we were keeping him and so we did. He was only about 6 months or so when we got him. We figure he is an Australian Shepherd and possibly Lab mixed but it is hard to tell. He is really good and grateful for everything he gets. He and Java get along really well. He finally got out of the chewing stage so he gets left out in the house when we are gone. He loves the little boy a lot and always comes with me to get him up in the morning.

So that is the story of my dogs.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Little known fact about me: I have two tattoos. Now most people who know me IRL know I have at least one but I got a second one 3 years ago and haven't told that many people. In fact, the only people I told were my husband (of course), my two good friends who worked with me (one of whom went with me), and my parents. The first one looks like this:

Best picture I could get

I got it when I was 20. I had been wanting one for several years and finally I got up the courage to do it. I picked the design when I was around 18 or so and thought about it that long. It is about being child-like and not taking stuff so seriously but I have a hard time with that. I still like it and she has been with me though a lot of stuff. Part of me says it should have been a Sailor Moon tattoo because that show means a lot to me, but I didn't know 10 years ago I would still like Sailor Moon.

My other one looks like this:
You can't tell but it is in the center of my back above my bra line.

A little background on me, my mother is 1/2 Cherokee. She is the only one of her siblings who is half, the rest are full-bloods (she has a different dad). So I am very proud of my Cherokee heritage. I wanted to get a Japanese symbol because I love them but it didn't seem to fit me. So I got "Happiness" written in Cherokee on my back. The lily of the valley means happiness in flower language. I think it turned out nice. Happiness is the thing I find it hardest to obtain so I thought maybe if I spelled it out, it would help me. Funnily enough, 2 months after I got it, I got pregnant with my boy and he is happiness personified.

I have two more planned and they were suppose to go up my back but now I don't think I would like that so they are going to go down my back.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wondrous Strange Book Review

I have a book review up over here for Wondrous Strange, an excellent urban fairy tale. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Whatever Happened, Happened" (Lost Recap & Thoughts)

So Lost last night was a Kate-centric episode and what a good one too! It started with Jin waking up after being knocked out by Sayid who shot Lil Ben and ran off. Jin gathered up Lil Ben and took him back to the town. Roger, Ben’s dad, is suddenly all concerned about the son he abuses and they rush Lil Ben off to surgery, except that Juliet is not a surgeon and can’t stop Lil Ben from bleeding out. So Sawyer rushes off to get Jack who is like uh no and Sawyer’s face is like what, you’re always jumping up and rushing around “fixing” things and Jack’s face is like nah, man I’m done with that shit. And Kate’s face is like WTF. That’s a lot of expression in about 15 seconds.

Flashback: Kate visits Sawyer’s Baby Mama, Cassidy, and her horribly named girl child, Clementine. And Cassidy is not happy that Sawyer didn’t man up and come back or never showed an interest in the child or something. So Kate tells her the actual truth and gives her money but Cassidy is unhappy that it didn’t come directly from Sawyer. Look, woman, just take the damn money. Cassidy also figures out that Aaron is not Kate’s.

Back to the Island 1977: Kate argues with Jack about saving Ben and he says that he already did that once and he is not messing around with the island anymore. Jack is doing this very passive thing right now and it is so strange. But I get where he is coming from since every time he tried to fix something, it went horribly wrong. And that is exactly what Sawyer told him the other episode so they all need to shut up. Kate says she doesn’t like the new Jack and Jack says she didn’t like the old one either. *oh snap*

Flashback: Kate loses Aaron in the supermarket and a woman who looks almost like Claire (but not as pretty) finds him and Kate is un/happy. So she goes to Cassidy who tells her she has been expecting to lose him since she stole him in the first place. Kate protests but in the end agrees she needed Aaron and realizes she has to go find Claire.
This may be out of order but Kate then visits Claire’s mother, Carole, and tells her about Claire’s disappearance and taking and needing Aaron but that the kid is hers now (which completely won’t fuck up Aaron) and he is sleeping two doors down and she is going to find Claire (who won’t be back till next season). She cries over him and leaves looking so broken-hearted, I got a few tears in my eyes. I can completely understand how hard that would be.

Island 1977: Kate takes a van and Lil Ben, with Juliet’s help, and drives to the sonic fence. Sawyer, who is sent by Juliet, comes to help and they find Richard Alpert (love him) who takes Lil Ben and says he can cure him but he won’t remember and will lose his innocence. And since Ben is an evil bastard now they are like Sure, okay, whatev and Richard takes Lil Ben to the temple and that is that.

Island 2007: Ben wakes up to John Locke creepily staring at him and uttering the “Welcome to the land of the living” in a Ben kind of way. Ben looks a little worried.

Oh and somewhere in there is the funniest conversation ever between Hurley and Miles where Miles tries to explain time travel to Hurley. Next week is a Ben-centric episode so it is bound to be awesome.

I wonder if we found out what happened to Lil Ben in the temple. I was amused by that guy telling Richard that Ellie will not be happy and neither will Charles when they find out and Richard tells him that he doesn’t care and he doesn’t answer to them anyway. So my early suggestion that Charles is in charge (ha ha that was actually unintentional but I'm leaving it) and is the one that orders the Purge is still holding up. And since Ben is now one of them and always will be then he has to follow the orders of Widmore. Not that I think Ben minded killing his dad cause I don’t think he did.
Oh and Juliet walking in on purpose while Jack was showering and neither one really looked embarrassed about his nakedness. She was so mad that he didn't come help her. I guess she figures Jack was always the do-something guy and never expected him to not help. I like that Jack doesn't really know why he was there but is just going with the flow. I wonder, though, how long that will last.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Day of BEDA! + Sailor Moon!

So today is the first day of BEDA (Blog Everyday in April). I have been thinking of things to say but I’m not sure really where to start. As I said before, I’ll be posting here and over here depending on what I want to say.

Something that my family is amused by is my love of Sailor Moon.I am *ahem30* and I still love this show. I started liking it when I was around 16 or 17, I guess, and bought the entire original Minx manga and I have the movies on tape and most of the S season on DVD. Recently a girl I used to work with bought me the movies on DVD which is good because it has both the Japanese version and the dubbed. I prefer the Japanese version for the later season since I hate the voice that they use for Serena. I got out of Sailor Moon for a while since I thought I had seen most of it. But recently, I discovered Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the live action series, and watched that on You Tube and Veoh. It was so good and very moving and an interesting way to take some of the characters. My favorite Sailor Solider is Venus and I loved what they did with her character in PGSM. I also like the relationship between Venus and Mars. I’m not a shipper by nature and usually accept the author’s version of the story. The rare exceptions are Venus and Mars in PGSM and Jacob and Bella in Twilight (but that is a different story). I really believe that those two Sailors were intended to have more of a romantic relationship, especially the way that it parallels Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship. I like the girls they choose for all the Sailors and think they are all so pretty and Mamoru is so handsome. I have the Complete Song Collection on my mp3 player. My favorite songs are Minako songs, “Romance” and “Kiss2 Bang2.” Right now, I have “Romance” for my ringtone for my husband and the opening of “Moonlight Densetsu” for my everyone else ringtone, although I am thinking of changing to “Simple and Clean” since I just restarted Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.

After I finished PGSM, I started Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. That was also a great season especially after SuperS. I’m not a big hater of ChibiUsa but she does get on my nerves and I wouldn’t have focused a whole season on her but whatever. The whole beginning with Nehellenia was okay but it got really good with the introduction of the Three Lights/Starlights. That situation was weird and wished that they would have stuck more to the manga instead of making them completely change gender. If you’ve never seen the series, then the Starlights are Sailors that come from another solar system. In the manga, they are females that disguise themselves as males and become idols to find their princess. In the anime, they are females that change into males and become idols to find their princess. The big difference is the actual changing of gender. In both versions, one of the Three Lights, Seiya, develops feelings for Usagi but it is a little more confusing in the anime. What exactly kind of relationship would that be, lesbian or straight? Seiya is actually female since that is her true form so I don’t know. But Usagi is such a pure heart that it doesn’t really matter. She loves Seiya but, of course, loves and belongs with Mamoru.

So anyway, I guess this turned into a Sailor Moon post. I’ll be talking more about the stuff I love and I’m sure Sailor Moon again. I’ll probably be posting book reviews on Tuesday or Wednesdays or maybe Thursday. I’ll figure that out later this week. Probably not Thursdays though since I usually talk about Lost that day. So Tuesdays or Wednesdays but I’ll post a link here when I do.