Sunday, April 5, 2009

My dogs

I have been sitting here trying to think what to write about. I came up with some ideas last night but I'm not in the mood for those right now.

So I'll tell you about my dogs. I have two dogs, Java and Kona. Both are named after coffee since my husband works for a coffee company. First dog is Java Joe Bean (full name). He is almost five and is a miniature dachshund, although is more of a "tweenie" since he weights about 25 pounds and is much bigger than most miniatures. My husband, BT, got him for his birthday one year and he came from a breeder. He was our baby for a long time until we had a real kid and now he patiently puts up with the child. Sadly, he doesn't get the attention he used to but we still take care of him. Most of the time he is someone's lap but you never know how he gets there. He just appears! He is pretty good now although he caused a lot of trouble when he was a puppy. Java puts up with the little boy who loves him so much. Every morning when he wakes up he says "Where's Java?" first thing.

Kona showed up on my mom's front porch one day and stayed for 3 days. My mom brought him to the pound but they were closed so BT said that if the dog was still there when he got home from work, we were keeping him and so we did. He was only about 6 months or so when we got him. We figure he is an Australian Shepherd and possibly Lab mixed but it is hard to tell. He is really good and grateful for everything he gets. He and Java get along really well. He finally got out of the chewing stage so he gets left out in the house when we are gone. He loves the little boy a lot and always comes with me to get him up in the morning.

So that is the story of my dogs.

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