Friday, August 26, 2011

Vintage Nancy Drews!

My friend got me these early 1950's Nancy Drews at a library booksale.  How awesome is that! They are pretty neat and in good condition.   They all have the blue tweed board covers and some pretty illustrations.  The end papers are nice too, most are the blue "Digger" endpapers, except for one which is the blue silhouette endpaper.  I'm going to have to read them soon! Aren't they pretty?

Top left: The Mystery at the Ski Jump
Top right: The Mystery at Lilac Inn
Bottom left: Nancy's Mysterious Letter
Bottom right: The Secret at Shadow Ranch

Blue Digger end paper for Nancy's Mysterious Letter

Frontispiece for Nancy's Mysterious Letter

Blue Silhouette endpaper for The Mystery at the Ski Jump
Frontispiece for The Mystery at the Ski Jump

Monday, August 22, 2011

Traffic complaints

It's the first day back for the university today.  Which means I start working the reference desk daily again and also means that traffic is completely eff'd up.  Regular school started last week and the traffic was heavier than the summer but manageable (except for the school buses) but now that the uni is back too, it's all gone to hell.  I know this and planned to leave early today but, of course,  I failed to do that, leaving only 5 minutes early as opposed to the 10 or 15 minutes I had planned on.  And I went the wrong way, catching most of the traffic on the street Bub's daycare is on.  And there was a cop directing traffic for some reason this year on a road right before Bub's daycare so that was backing everything up.  I'm hoping that doesn't continue.  And then the kids on campus seem to believe that simple traffic laws do not apply to them.  Like don't cross in the crosswalk on red.  I have very little time to turn on a green arrow and they ruin it by walking across the street and getting in my way.  And they just cross without looking.  I can't understand it.  It was just a frustrating morning.  Hopefully we can get up and out earlier tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have a book blog and for almost 3 years have considered myself a book blogger.  But my enthusiasm has run out.  I still like reading and reviewing.  I'm just tired of all the challenges and the obligation to comment on others' blogs and all the things that go along with trying to have a successful blog that gets comments.  I'm thinking of just finishing out this year and all the books I have for review and then shutting it down.  But I really do still like reviewing.  The blog was originally intended as just a place for me to write down my thoughts about book I'm reading and then I got into the whole blog blogger community and all the challenges and I enjoyed making friends but I'm just in a different place personally now.  The reason I'm posting about this here is that I don't want to get all dramatic over there when I don't know if that is really what I'm going to be doing.  I think for now I'll just drop all my challenges that require me to read certain books and see how I go from there.  I also need to get through my review copy books.  I just don't want to come off like a former book blogger friend who went through about 10 ways of quitting before she finally did.  Her way just left a bad taste in my mouth.  I just want do reviews without it being a chore.