Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight le film

Okay, so I saw Twilight yesterday afternoon. I went with two of my friends and some of their friends/family-types. My friend S is a huge Twilight fan esp. Edward and I am a big fan too but I can laugh at some of the idiocy that happens and she takes it more seriously. That being said, we laughed through the whole first part of the movie esp. when Edward meets Bella in science class and the look on his face is some crazy like he's going to vomit on her. There were parts that we intentionally funny and then there were the parts that weren't. Anyway, I liked it but I might do better with a second viewing. I liked the kiss scene and Bella's crazy hormonal thing and that they showed them talking and getting to know each other. But the sleep watching thing was way creepy in real life and I'm glad they didn't show it much and their obsession with each other was crazier since it was illustrated better for how short a time they knew each other.
Also there should have been more Emmett.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing really

Nothing really going on. Book sale mostly, which is driving me crazy and a whole lot of shit just throw at me this week so that yesterday I broke down sobbing in my office. Super fun!
LM didn't like Santa but loved Elmo like what? So his Santa pictures are crazy cause he is leaning away from him like don't touch me but we forgot the camera so no Sesame Street pics. Sad.
Anyway, long weekend but I am going to try to find something interesting to blog about.
Oh, here is the Twilight READ poster which came from

Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick Thing

Almost time to go home so just a quick post. This week was rough on me. People kept making me angry and I get tired when that happens. So next week will be busy but probably better. This weekend is Santa Clause at the mall on Saturday and Sunday is Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up so LM should luve that. That's it really.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay, so I did screw up a little. I should have called that girl on Thursday or Friday to check up on her and her group. I didn't even think about not having a display during the weekend because that never seemed to be a big deal before. Now she's like we have a meeting on Monday and then I'll get back to you. I shouldn't have taken down the fiction display before talking to her. *headdesk* I hate being called on my stupidity (who does?). I didn't mean to "reflect poorly" on anyone. Son of a bitch!