Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeding myself

I'm not good at feeding myself or my child for that matter.  And by that I mean that when it comes to cooking for us, I do a poor job.  For a long time, my husband feed us every night.  He likes to cook and is great at it.  But he has a new job and isn't there to feed us half the time.  So it's up to me.  We eat a lot of ready-made food.  Not great but then not as bad as fast food.  Frozen dinners and mac and cheese and we go to my mom's at least once during the week (not for the food but she will give us things to eat).  Today I've been trying to figure out what's for supper.  This is hard though and I am starving right now.  I'm always hungry these days so going to the store is not pretty.   Anyway, I will persevere and we will eat something by the end of the day.  I just don't know what.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday morning church

Lately we've been going to church.  I haven't been a regular church goer for a very long time but it is important to me that my child go to church and get to know God, etc.  That was the upbringing I had and I wanted him to have the same.  But he just started going at the age of 4 and he doesn't want to go with the other children so he stays with me in "big church" instead.  I'm not sure how much about Jesus he is picking up this way, but eventually he will have to go to Sunday School with the other kids.  He is pretty funny in church, mostly playing with colors and sometimes playing "Angry Birds" on his aunt's phone.  And occasionally yelling out "Is it over?" after the singing or the invitation.  He is actually pretty good considering the fact that he can't sit still.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real quick...

Just so I can say I posted something today.  We went to Bub's soccer game and then he and BT went to a birthday party for one of his friends from school.  Then we went to my parent's house and watched the LSU game and now we are home and about to go to bed.  Full day today.

Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm not good at handling stress, not that many people are.  I tend to bitch and moan about whatever is stressing me out instead of being more proactive.  Right now I have a lot of stress.  Work has been piling on me wherever I go because I am suddenly the default person for every committee and project that needs to get done.  I don't know why after 3 years they have decided this, but there it is.  And then home has been a lot of Bub and me alone since BT is working.  So I have all this stuff to do at work and then I get to go home to take care of our 4 year old alone and I get to have all the fun pregnancy stuff on top of that.  See whining.  I know others have it much much harder than me and I wouldn't give up any of my personal life (many some work stuff).  I just wish everything would slow down for a minute.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worries everywhere

Pregnancy has been the main reason that I've been quieter on the social networking/blogging side of my life.  It's really all consuming when you are pregnant but not ready to talk about it to the world at large.   I would have like to write down the first three months, but mostly it would have been me complaining about how bad I felt.  I can't guarantee there won't be blogs about that now, but I'll try to focus on other things too.  Being pregnant is such a good time in my life, but there is a lot of worry and stress associated with it.  How is the baby developing?  How are we going to handle a 5 year old and a newborn?  What on earth is going on with my body anyway?  I thought that having done this before it would be easier the second time.  But it's really not.  It's the same worries I had before, but a little more because I am older.  But I've done as much as I can to ensure a healthy environment for the growing little one and I try to be a good mom to my sweet boy.  And that's really all I can do right now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life ...

And I'm feeling good.

Guess what I'm having? If you guessed a baby, then you are correct sir or madam.  I'm due for a new little one at the beginning of April.  The first 3 months were rough on me, but I'm feeling good now and I am super excited for the new one.  Bub was not happy when we first told him, but he has warmed up considerably though he is requesting only a brother.  No guarantees on that.  I think he will be a great big brother and I can't wait to have them both together. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Working out

I am not an exercise person.  But for close to 2 years I've been dragging my butt out of bed at 5:30 most mornings and working out.  I can't leave my house since my son is sleeping and I'm not waking him up.  So I mostly do exercise videos.  I've been doing the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs for about 6 months or so and I like them.  At first I scoffed because I'm mean, a video of walking.  I've been walking for over 30 years just fine.  But it turns out there is more than walking with some light aerobics moves thrown in and very some very easy strength training.  Lately I've been tired so this is perfect for me.  I wouldn't say there were for hardcore exercisers.  Not at all.  But they are great for people like me.  I like to alternate WATP with either pilates or yoga for some stretching.  It's working out okay.  Better when my alarm goes off in time unlike this morning.  But I'm doing what I can and I feel better for it and I guess that's all I can ask right now.

Monday, October 3, 2011


The other day at Barnes and Noble I was checking out the children's toys  and found myself singing "Annie, are you okay?" along to cello music.  Huh?  It turns out there is a cello duo, 2cellos, that plays pop music and they are pretty awesome (and pretty hot).  I downloaded the CD when I got home and have been listening to it all day.  I love their "Smooth Criminal" and "Use Somebody" along with most of the CD.  Check it out:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Typical weekend

So my plan to blog everyday in October did not get off to a good start, but yesterday was busy. Bub had a soccer game in the morning and then we came home and watched the LSU game and then went to my parent's house for dinner and to watch Transformers 3 (which was ok but clearly not necessary).  And then we came home and went to bed.  So I guess I could have blogged at some point, but I have fallen out of the practice.  Now we are watching "The World of Quest" which is an okay cartoon and soon I plan on cleaning bedrooms.  The spare room is ok for right now, but my room and the boy's room are in desperate need of cleaning.  Especially his room which is covered in toys from end to end.  And after that, well, I'm not entirely sure.  It is a nice weekend so we might go outside.  The Saints play later so I'll put that on.  Not really exciting this weekend.