Thursday, October 6, 2011

Worries everywhere

Pregnancy has been the main reason that I've been quieter on the social networking/blogging side of my life.  It's really all consuming when you are pregnant but not ready to talk about it to the world at large.   I would have like to write down the first three months, but mostly it would have been me complaining about how bad I felt.  I can't guarantee there won't be blogs about that now, but I'll try to focus on other things too.  Being pregnant is such a good time in my life, but there is a lot of worry and stress associated with it.  How is the baby developing?  How are we going to handle a 5 year old and a newborn?  What on earth is going on with my body anyway?  I thought that having done this before it would be easier the second time.  But it's really not.  It's the same worries I had before, but a little more because I am older.  But I've done as much as I can to ensure a healthy environment for the growing little one and I try to be a good mom to my sweet boy.  And that's really all I can do right now.

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