Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday morning church

Lately we've been going to church.  I haven't been a regular church goer for a very long time but it is important to me that my child go to church and get to know God, etc.  That was the upbringing I had and I wanted him to have the same.  But he just started going at the age of 4 and he doesn't want to go with the other children so he stays with me in "big church" instead.  I'm not sure how much about Jesus he is picking up this way, but eventually he will have to go to Sunday School with the other kids.  He is pretty funny in church, mostly playing with colors and sometimes playing "Angry Birds" on his aunt's phone.  And occasionally yelling out "Is it over?" after the singing or the invitation.  He is actually pretty good considering the fact that he can't sit still.

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