About Me

My name is Andrea but growing up my family called me Annie mostly. Sometimes they still do. I am a librarian who loves to read YA/childrens books. In my previous job, I was a reference librarian in a public library. Currently I work as an academic librarian. I have one husband, one son, one daughter, two dogs, and one busy life. I can also be found at The Little Bookworm, my book review blog dedicated mainly to young adult fiction.
Over here I mainly write about about whatever has caught my attention. As a mom, I spent almost all of my free time with my kids so I talk a lot about my son who I refer to as Bub or the Boy and my daughter AKA Button or the Girl. I talk about my husband, BT, and our life and the things we do.  Sometimes I talk about my two dogs, Java, a purebred dachshund, and Kona, an Australia shepherd mix (we think, he was a rescue dog). My favorite shows are currently Once Upon a Time, Dancing with the Stars, and, eternally, Sailor Moon though I don't get to watch TV very often. Sometimes I attempt to recap shows. Mostly I talk about movies and books and newspaper articles and issues dealing with the world and about parenting and things that I sometimes make.  Basically my life in so many words.

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