Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Dresses Glore (or bridesmaids' dresses must be ugly)

For the record, my bridesmaid's dresses were very pretty and I let them pick out their own dress so they have nothing to complain about.
Let's see. This week the designers went home and did their collections and Tim Gunn went around and acted like he had a choice in going to the homes and viewing their collections. Was it me or was Tim fascinated by Jerell's sister?
BTW, when I say collection, I just mean what I saw glimpses of. I haven't looked at the pictures online or anything. I'm being good.
Anyway, Jerell's was evening wear, very Mardi Gras ball. I didn't really like it, it was so gaudy but his wedding dress was pretty at the bottom (although I would have changed the tulle) but the top was no, just no. Tim makes a suggestion and makes the dress better but Jerell is having none of that. I actually can't remember what his bridesmaid dress looks like so that goes to show you.
Korto's collection was pretty and looked very well made and expensive (Heidi). Or at least what I saw, maybe different on runway. The green sexual dress was interesting. Her wedding dress was pretty but the bridesmaid dress was strange. I know of no one whose bridesmaids are all 6 feet tall models. Most of us would look bad in that dress.
Leanne's collection was very elegant and meticulous and you can tell. The colors were pretty. Her wedding dress was like what because that so very dress dream. The bridesmaid dress was perfect and went so well with the dress.
Kenley's collection was typical from her. Her wedding dress was very Audrey Hepburn-first wedding and soooooooooo cute. I actually really liked it. The bridesmaid dress went well with it and was cute as well. Very spring wedding.
Kenley was actually tolerable so I guess the producers had enough time off from her. She sorta half-assed apologized and tried to be civil whereas Korto and Leanne barely made eye contact and couldn't make small-talk. Awkwaaard
So Kenley and Leanne with actual wedding dresses I could see on someone stay and Korto stayed too because, although the bridesmaid dress was eh, the wedding dress was better.
Poor Jerell who should have listened to Tim says bye-bye. Why won't they listen to Tim? He knows best! That should have been the name of his show (which I don't watch cause it's a little boring) " Tim Gunn knows best."

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