Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you in or out ? (or it's the finale of the most boring season yet!)

So last night's finale of Project Runway was good. I laughed very loudly when Tim Gunn was announced as the special guest judge and Kenley's mouth fell open and she said that maybe she should have dialed back the attitude a bit. Ya think!? So it's okay to be rude to someone but not if they are the guest judge on the reality contest TV show that you are on. Good to know, I will keep that in mind for the future. Also she has already alienated the main judges (Heidi) so they kinda hate her. And Kenley got her attitude back this episode as Tim Gunn does his best to help and she basically tells him to stick it, but later rethinks it and does what he says anyway. Also, Tim Gunn totally rolled his eyes at her and that was a hundred years of awesome.
So let's see, the collections:
Kenley was up first and I really what she did. It was very pretty and cool and the painting was vair well-done. The one fully painted dress was not to my taste. The dress her model wore was cute and I could see someone actually wear a smaller version of it. There was a white one that was my favorite. I thought it was a job well-done although apparently she had some pieces that were exactly like other more famous designers. Uh oh! So either she doesn't look at anything ever or she's very good at pretending not to know what's going on. Oh that wacky Kenley and her crazy hijinks!

Korto was next and it was hit-or-miss for me. The ones that were good were very good but the ones that were bad, well let's just say not a fan. The green main dress was my favorite and so beautiful and I could definitely see it on the red carpet. She had some really great things and the dresses she made right before looked very well-made too and fit in perfectly. Although it must suck to have spent all the time at home and to realize that you need something else for your show and you have to whip out two dresses right before your big show. I liked her color palette.

Leanne was last and her collection was beautiful. I loved the colors and even though they were soft and very neutral, it still looked really great. She had a little of everything, like Micheal Kors pointed out. Some of her stuff I wasn't feeling overenthusiastic about it but the judges seemed to like it all. It was very well-made and the petals were interesting. I don't think that she is going to be a one note. I think she did the petals for this collection but I don't think that is all she can do.

So Leanne is our winner and Kenley is the ever gracious loser. Congratulations Leanne, I was rooting for you about 3/4 of the way through the season.

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