Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway Music Challenge

Project Runway is my favorite show ever. It is one of the few that I watch on actual tv and will watch in copious reruns. That being said I wanted to write down what I thought of last night's show. The designers had to design for each other based on a music genre inspiration thing. It was a little confusing at first.
Jerell designed for Kenley with pop. It was cute and kinda fun but I thought that a pop star who wore it might get mocked. But I could totally see a little poplet wearing it.
Suede designed for Jerell with rock. I though it was okay, like a toned-downed Jeffery. Which I guess is why they sent him home but it was that bad.
Leanne designed for Korto with country. Eh. I thought country was really hard because it's hard not to get a little costumey. But Leanne did fine. I didn't think the skirt fit that well, but that is what the judges like the best.
Korto designed for Suede with punk. She did an excellent job and it fit really well and was made well too. It was a very punk outfit and she listened to Tim and took it to the next level in an awesome way. Also, Suede rocked that outfit down the runway. Seriously!
Kenley designed for Leanne with hip-hop. Kenley seriously aggravated me because she didn't listen to Tim and argued with him. There is a difference between defending your design and being defensive and she just doesn't take criticism well. She also had the bad luck of having LL Cool J as a judge. It seemed like another case of her trying to make the challenge fit the design instead of vice versa. I also thought it was funny that Korto and Jerell keep telling her how hip-hop it was. Vair funny!
I hope Kenley is next or she grows up.

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