Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My life is possibly boring

I'm trying to remember to blog. I think about it driving to work etc. but I can never remember what I want to say. I have started reading Cleolinda's Live Journal like everyday so I am learning about a whole new world on the internet. Since I was previously in reference, I mainly used the internet for research, but I don't really get into fandoms or anything like that. But now I have seen them. Interesting.
I watched Fringe last week. I have no idea what happened and/or why since the LM decided he needed my undivided attention right at the end and during the explanatory scenes. I really can't get involved too much anyway. I'm trying to catch up on my Lost. I'm on season 3 about mid-point, but I guess I'll watch season 4 online since it won't be available on DVD till December.
In other news, Kona ate one of my Netflix DVDs so I had to pay for it. I was so mad I threw both dogs outside and made them stay while I cleaned up and then took a nap. So now, he has be locked up again.
Everything was fine through Ike. It was more like a hurricane than Gustav except we only got sideswiped. Vair windy and rainy.
Okay, insert clever here and I'm out. Later.

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