Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Marriage of Bella and Edward

So I'm probably a little late on this, but I've been thinking. One of my friends loves Edward but I've always been a Jacob fan. I still liked Edward, but something about the Edward/Bella combo bothered me. Since we know what happens to them now, I finally figured it out.
I was talking to one of my younger cousins about it. And this thought struck me, what are they going to do with forever? Seriously, how is that marriage going to survive in the real world? (Yes, fiction I know.) But Edward & Bella were basically "I love you forever" immediately. Well, once they actually had a conversation that is. It was this weird intense thing that teenagers sometimes get for each other (adults too but whatever). They are both like inseparable and even in that suicidal thing that was New Moon, they were still all over each other. But that kind of emotion doesn't last forever. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. After a while, the day-to-dayness of being married takes over. Yes, I know vampires, but come on. After the first book, they never have conversations with each other except the "love me, no don't love me" and "why do you love me" conversations that go on and on. If there were two people who weren't good enough for each other, it's Bella and Edward, if only cause they both believe it. In Breaking Dawn, they barely speak to each other and just have sex like all the time after she vampires up and then play with Renesmee during the day. Oh, and learn to fight. I just don't know what they are going to DO together. They are basically pretty boring without their "epic" love/triangle/drama thing that they do.

I also think that when Stephanie Meyer's revisits her vampires sometime in the future, it will be a Renesmee/Jacob/who-the-other-half-vampire-guy-is book. Will Jacob ever not be in a triangle? Maybe Renesmee will resist the imprinting or something. Probably not.

For the record, I love all these books. I even like Breaking Dawn. Hey, it's SM's world, we just read about it.

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