Monday, March 12, 2012

Nobody panic except me

So yesterday it dawned on me that I am going to have a baby soon. Duh, you are thinking. But the truth is that you are pregnant for so long that it all seems in the distant future. I have pretty much been pregnant for my entire 33rd year. Being pregnant takes up so much energy but it becomes the norm in a way. An always changing norm, but still. But here I am at the end and I'm so very close to having this baby and no longer being pregnant but instead becoming a mother of two. A mother of two. I keep saying those words over and over along with This is my son and this is my daughter. Daughter.  It's a little crazy to me. 5 years of mothering a boy and now I'll have a girl too. And so much has been happening with the boy and so much is happening with him the week I am scheduled to have her. For one thing it's kindergarten sign-up that week and I won't be able to go. BT is going to have to sign him up which is fine. But I never thought I'd miss out on signing my baby boy up for kindergarten.

But there's going to be another one in about two weeks to care for and I won't be in any condition to go down to the school and will barely be out of the hospital and there will be a baby. A newborn. I am actually going to have another baby and get to hold her in a very short time. It's blowing my mind a little. So I just have to finish up one more work project and then I have everything ready at work. I have a few things to buy for her room but it's pretty much ready to go. Everything is ready. Now I just need to get my mind there too. But ready or not, she's a coming.

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