Tuesday, August 12, 2008

YouTube is my friend

Seriously, I must stop playing on YouTube. I have better things to do, after all.
BTW, I have discovered Lost. Yes, I know I'm late to the game but I enjoy watching TV shows on DVD and it is a good one. We have been watching West Wing on DVD too, but BT doesn't watch Lost with me so I have to sneak it in. But he will come in the room and ask me what's going on and I tell him that he should have been watching all along. His loss.
I heard Jessica Simpson's new country song this morning. It's pretty good and I don't really like country. I'm thinking I will check out her new album when it comes out in September.
I learned to copy catalog last week so now I'm doing that. It's not bad, gives me something to do.
Not doing so good with the Weight Watchers, unfortunately. Yesterday was a good day but I haven't lost anything in like 2 months. Of course, I wasn't really trying for a little while. This weekend was horrible POINTS-wise cause of Dad's birthday, but now I'm buckling down. I swear!
That's about all.

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