Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting the nursery together

I'm pretty much in the nesting phase of pregnancy. And one thing that has been driving me crazy is the fact that nothing is really done in the baby's room. It's funny that I feel the need to do all of this now. But I know that once she is here I won't have the energy or the time to put into fixing up her room. But now the crib is ordered and we have bought Bub a new chest of drawers for his room and are moving his old dresser into the baby's room (after refinishing it). It takes up a lot of space in his room and it pretty much what I wanted for the baby. So it all worked out. It will just take some of BT's elbow grease to make it the right color. And the crib is lovely and I am so excited. It was on sale at Babies R Us when I went with my sister and so I got it for a great price. BT really likes it. Now we just have to wait for it to come in at the store where we live but that should be by next week.
I've gone through about 3 patterns of bedding and finally decided on one called Happi Tree. It is so cute with owls, a squirrel, and a porcupine. It's a little pinker than I wanted but the room is yellow and I am going to accent as much as I can with the other colors in the pattern. The lamp is completely adorable but I don't know I'll be getting it. I think this will all look nice with the dark wood of the furniture.

I've also been on pinterest way too much lately looking for ideas for making a name sign for her. I think I am going to do something like this but make one for each letter without the bottom part and with a bigger circle. I think I will just hang it like a canvas like in the picture.
From Project Nursery

I also just had the brilliant idea of letting Bub paint her a picture with the left-over paint that we can hang in her room so that he feels like he is apart of everything.

I'll post pictures when I get it all done in real life. I am so excited that something is finally happening in that room!

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