Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bringing the boy to my doctor's appointment

I have a pregnancy check-up today and Bub is home sick. So he is coming with me. I'm a little nervous about this because he is not a patient child but I'm bringing every game he owns plus my phone has games. The real problem is that I have to do the one hour glucose test today so it is going to require an extra wait. I can only hope he is good and minds me. I'm not sure how to handle the lab work though. How bothered is he going to be seeing them draw blood? Not to mention the two urine tests I have to do. I don't really want him to see me pee in a cup so he is going to have to wait outside which goes against my mommy-have-to-see-him-every-second instincts that guide me when we are out in public. I think we will get through this fine. He will like hearing the baby's heartbeat and that will entertain him for about a minute. I just feel a little bad about having to drag him out to do something so boring.

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