Thursday, January 12, 2012

C-section vs. VBAC

The birth of my son ended in a c-section. I really wanted a natural childbirth but after needing induction to get labor started combined with his erratic heartbeat and no progression I ended up with a c-section. Pretty much the exact opposite of what I had in mind. But c'est la vie. While it was not ideal, I was grateful at the time to get the whole thing over with. Labor hurts, y'all. So I'm up in the air about what to do next. Another c-section would be the easiest but I still have in my mind the idea that I want to experience actual delivery. Mostly what I care about is getting the baby out and having a healthy one. I really think that recovery from a c-section would be easier this time without the 14 hours of labor attached. Of course, I am planning an epidural this time around anyway. I have done the labor with contractions, etc and so I don't feel like getting an epidural would deny me any experiences. In fact, it sounds like a good idea. My doctor says it is up to me which is pretty awesome but at the same time that means I have a decision to make. Even though this birth is looming over me getting much much closer everyday I can't decide what to do. Right now I'm at the comprise stage. Schedule the c-section for 40 weeks and then if I go into labor earlier then try for a VBAC. It's like making a decision without having to really make the decision.


  1. I had a c-section. The doctor's sorta pressured me into it because they thought my baby was going to be huge (10+) and she turned out 8. Next time I want to go through labor (with an epidural of course).

    Question: You'll have to let me know what you decide and if you can answer this question for me afterwards: Which is more painful that horrible first couple days after a c-section or labor with an epi?