Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On being good

This year has resulted in a lot of changes. Clearly the biggest one has been the new addition to the family. But starting in late February we had to remove Bub from the daycare he had been going to for 4 years because of the preschool teacher. So BT started working nights to keep Bub during the day. And then I had Button and Bub stayed home with the two of us. This was not the most stimulating of times for him. I pretty much left him to his own devices while I was dealing with the newborn. When I went back to work Bub started at a summer camp near our house which was good for him. He got out of the house, played with kids his own age and got to go on field trips. I think he missed his old life though and playing with the friends that he has known since he was one year old and seeing his dad every night. He has always been a child who likes familiarity and doesn't like change. He also likes structure and schedules but at the same time will try to get away with everything I let him.

He is not doing well in kindergarten, another big change for the family and a huge change for him. He won't be quiet and sit still, he keeps drawing on his papers (something that aggravates his teacher) and he plays around all the time. I am at a loss right now. I really don't want him to be that kid. I know that it is the beginning of the year and they have only had one full week since last week was interrupted by a hurricane. But the lack of good behavior has me worried and is resulting in more changes. No more TV after I get home, early bedtime, no video games if there is a bad report from school. I am trying everything I can. I know that he will catch on though. His pre-k teacher when he was 3 had a good behavior system in place and he responded well to it. I think it has been so long since he has had any structure that it is hard on him.

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