Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm a pants/shorts kind of gal, but this summer I have been all about the skirts and dresses.  They are so cool and I feel fun in them.  So I've been rocking that look at work mostly.  I wanted a seersucker dress (you may recall) and I am still considering ordering the top one from that post.   But I have some coupons to Old Navy and now I'm trying to decide on a red shirt dress that would be good for work or a more summery one that I could wear on weekends.  I'm really thinking the red would last longer and it would carry into the fall much better and only it would be great for Wear Red days for my school.

I ordered a swimsuit from Lime Ricki the other day and it is super cute and I hope that it looks good because we are going to the beach for Labor Day.  Anyway... 

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