Monday, July 26, 2010

The joys of library reorganization

I generally don't blog too much about work for various reasons.  But here is a work post.

Things, they are a-changin.  Currently or previously, I'm not entirely sure which, I was/am what is called the Special Projects Librarian.  I do all the stuff that no one else wants to do, displays, booksale, gifts, etc.  and that is fine.  No problem.  I was hired to do this.  I supervise one full time employee and one part time employee and they are crazy but we do ok together.  Now I'm being "upgraded" a bit to the Collection Development Librarian and gaining two extra people while keeping the same duties just adding book orders and department liaison to my job description.  This is good for me since I would eventually like to move further up the food chain.  I am happy about this.  My supervisor, on the other hand, is not despite this being her idea.  She is slowly losing control of different people in her department as everyone is shuffled around in the reorganization of my library.  So in a fit of brilliance or something I decided I wanted to move all my people into the four cubicle cluster outside of my office.  This is going to solve some morale issues that have been going on for a while and hopefully created a sense of solidarity in my people.  My supervisor is not happy.  She has tried at every turn to stop me from doing this.  I don't know why.  I really don't except for the fact that she doesn't like change and it wasn't her idea.  But now the Dean and the Associate Dean have agreed and it is going to be a fact and she is still trying to stop me.  This will not stand.  I'm going to get what I want come hell or high water. 

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