Monday, January 3, 2011

is becoming one of *those* people

Since August I have been doing really well with getting my lazy ass out of bed and working out before starting the rest of my day.  And I am beyond proud of myself because two of my least favorite things are working out and getting out of bed.  But it has to be done and so I am doing it.  Fine. 

But for Christmas we have a two week break at work and I had a plan.  I was going to go outside and walk the big dog every day thus insuring exercise and fresh air and good will for us both.  Alas, it didn't work out (no pun intended, maybe a little).  I only walked that poor dog once.  I feel bad.  I mean I didn't promise him or anything so he didn't know (yes, I know he is a dog).  But I really wanted to do this.  But I had a lot to do the week before Christmas and the week after come to think of it.  So I didn't walk the dog and I didn't exercise either unless you count shopping and cleaning the house (I do).  But I was feeling really sore and achy.  So this morning I did some aerobic Pilates and I feel really good today.  So that was what I was missing.  I think I am becoming one of those work-out people.  That's just great.  I promise I'll try to keep it to myself.

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