Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Button had her 1 1/2 year check-up last Friday. I was so afraid of the doctor once again saying she was failure to thrive but finally she got back on the height chart in a more significant way at 30 1/2 inches (10% height). She still hasn't hit 20 lbs yet coming in at 19 lbs 5 oz but she's getting there. She's basically made her own line on the chart just under the 1% line. So she following a line, just not one on the chart. She's made her own line which is pretty typical for her. Everything on her terms and how she likes them. She's hit all her milestones. Run and throw? Check. Mimic what others are doing? Check. Knows 50 words? And more. Knows 3 body parts? Check. Can climb? How do you think she got that cut on her lip? By climbing onto a box, that's how.

She got her last Hepatitis shot and a flu shot, by which she was thoroughly offended and we were off. We need to do a weight check in a few months and I think I'll take Bub too because the doctor recommended one for him too back in September. All in all, it was a good appointment. And not just because there was no blood work ordered, but because I got to watch her run around in circles in her diaper and dance while we waited for the doctor and try in vain to open all the drawers in the cabinet. She has a good time wherever she goes.

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