Friday, May 2, 2014

Potty training {Part Ready}

I get the feeling that potty training is different with every child. Or maybe that's just me because I'm going from a child who was basically forced to potty train to one who is incredibly interested in the whole thing. Still it's weird for me. It feels like it's been a long time since I've done this but it's only been 4 years. Yet I'm not entirely sure where to start especially with a barely 2 year old.

Pinterest and the internet tells me I can potty train her in 3 days. But those methods rarely say at what age to start. Button has been showing interest in a big way lately though. The other day when I was changing her she spotted a pair of Hello Kitty undies in her drawer and wanted to put them on. I told her panties were for big girls who use the potty and so she decided she wanted to sit on the potty so she could wear her underwear. This was a big step because up until that point she was telling us when she was wet but when I would ask her if she wanted to use the potty she'd tell me no. Now she was wanting to at least sit on it. This is certainly the right direction. So now this week twice in a row she's sat on the potty, never actually using it, but at least sitting there. She has no interest in the baby potty that Bub use instead she wants to use the big toilet. Luckily we still have the seat with the built in potty seat and that thing is the best.

At her 2 year check-up, I mentioned all this to her doctor and he basically said I needed to jump on this as soon as possible. I talked to her daycare and they told me just to let them know and they will work on it at school too. She's still in the 1 year room, waiting for space to open with the 2 year olds but there is a little bathroom off of that room so she's good to go there. Now it's a matter of finding the time. I'm thinking I'll give it a try Memorial Day weekend. I can take the Friday off so it's just the 2 of us the first day and then we will have 3 more days after that with her brother around but then that might not be a bad thing. He will encourage her and she loves it when he pays attention to her. So I'm excited and cautiously optimistic about this. I think she is, for real, ready and not just because I want her to be. I'm mean, she tells us when she needs to be changed and will lead us to the changing table. This child is more than ready to get going on this and so am I.

This came up on Timehop the other day. The more things change...

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