Friday, May 30, 2014


We've lived in our house a little over 6 years. When we moved in all the rooms were painted with a flat green or beige paint which is terrible when you have a toddler like we did at the time. Slowly over the years each room has been repainted to a prettier and more kid-friendly finish with the exception being the master bedroom. Finally though we are getting a bedroom redo. I got a new bedspread set for my birthday and then the next day I picked out some samples to go with it and painted a few swatches on the walls to live with for a while to see how I feel about them. Pretty good as it turns out. The bedroom is going to be sort of a dark teal and the bathroom a yellow. What's amazing about this is how much research I've put into finish.

Everyone, it seems, has a different opinion of what should go where. I usually go for a satin or a semi-gloss because both are easy to clean but I have to paint the ceiling in the bathroom because of mildew issues. I don't want it to be too shiny up there. I also had to make a decision of color. I think I'm going to paint the ceiling in the bathroom the same color as the walls and see how I like that. I'm nervous that it might be too much but what the hay, right? It's just paint. My cousin said satin would be fine up there and she's painted more rooms than I have so I think I will go with that. I'm excited to finally have my bedroom and bath have some color and look pretty. I've already starting priming the bathroom with a mold and mildew resistant priming and I'm looking forward to getting the paint on the walls.

A sham and the paint samples

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