Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Potty training {Part TMI}

So I've been trying on and off since January to potty train Button. Well, I say that but I've only made one serious effort during Memorial Day weekend to actually potty train, discovering then that she wasn't quite ready. Mostly I've been pestering her with questions about using the potty and telling her that big girls use the potty, reading her books (these are her favorites), things of that nature. Also I've been changing her diapers in the bathroom and, if it's #2, putting the poop into the potty and telling her that it is where poop goes so she sees where it is suppose to be. Then she says eww, yuck and tries to wipe herself and flushed the toilet. I feel like we skipped step 1 somewhere along the way and jumped to step 2-4.

But last night randomly she came back to step 1. For a while now she will tell me when she needs to be changed and will sometimes try to change herself. Hence why I thought she was ready in May. But it is always after the fact. Last night she came to tell me "Potty" and pointed at her bottom. So I took her into the bathroom and helped her onto the toilet. She doesn't like using the baby potty that Bub trained on, a symptom of being a second child maybe, but at any rate she does like the attached potty seat on the regular toilet. I sat her down and, boom, she went. It was so awesome. I got super excited and made a big deal and then told Bub who also got excited and made a big deal and she enjoyed it all immensely.  Unfortunately I had no rewards handy, no stickers or the like, so she had to settle for her mother clapping and dancing with her. But she definitely got the idea that this was a good idea.

Now I am unsure of what to do. I've potty trained before so you'd think I'd know what I am doing but it's been a while and every kid is different. I guess the next step is to get what the daycare needs (training pants and covers mostly) and have them start over there while I take care of it at home. I'm trying not to build it up to THIS IS IT status. But maybe this is it? I sincerely hope so.

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