Friday, January 16, 2015

Potty training {The End}

Since I've written extensively (probably too extensively) about Button's potty training journey, I thought an update was in order. I'm happy to report that she's about 95% trained. In fact, she's slept in underwear the last 2 nights and woken up dry so most of the battle has been fought. There's still a #2 issue but that is being slowly resolved. She wears big girl underwear and doesn't want to put pull-ups on anymore. So I have a whole stack of pull-ups since we had some at the house and then the daycare sent their supply home too. I told BT last night how excited I am to never have to buy diapers again. I'd like to take credit for this miracle of a child potty-trained before the age of 3 but her daycare teachers had a lot to do with it. I honestly think they did most of the work and their consistency in taking her to the potty and getting her to where she is now is mostly to their credit. So I am very grateful to them for that. We still haven't done any big outings with her in underwear but as long as she is kept aware, I think she will do just fine. Potty trained before the age of 3! So exciting.  

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