Thursday, February 5, 2009

"The Little Prince" (Lost thoughts)

I totally think that Miles is Dr. Candle's son. It would explain the baby and Miles' nosebleed and maybe his talking to dead people thing. I was yelling Oh my God, It's Dr. Candle's son at the tv last night. And then when Jin washed up I was like OMG It's Jin. Jin! It was a great episode last night. Man, I hope Sun doesn't do something stupid since Jin is alive and back in the past. Although what the Six are going to do on the Island that will change the time skipping I don't really know.
At first I thought that it might be Sun trying to take Aaron away for some reason but that didn't make sense. It makes sense for it to be Ben since Aaron doesn't need to go back but Kate does and Ben doesn't need her tied down to Aaron cause if she still has him then she won't go back. For a minute, I thought maybe Claire's mom remembered her telling her she was pregnant through her coma or something (I don't know) but that was maybe just stupid.
Now I can't wait for next week.

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