Sunday, June 20, 2010

Disney World vacation

Last week I went on vacation with my husband, son, parents, sister, and some more of my family to Disney World.  We had a good time though it was hot and we all were super tired every night.  We started out at Epcot on the first day which was the longest and hottest.

Day Two took us to Animal Kingdom which was a nice day with lots of pretty animals and the very fun Everest coaster. We also went to the Magic Kingdom that night to watch the parade and the fireworks. Day Three was an all day trip to the Magic Kingdom and Day Four was our day at Hollywood Studios.
The last day (Friday) was suppose to be my day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but I didn't get in.  Due to some poor planning, in my opinion, on the part of Universal, it was a 9 hour wait just to get into Harry Potter World and that was after a 2 hour wait just to get into Universal's Islands of Adventure Park.  That was very disappointing, I'll tell you.  But I spent the rest of the day at the Magic Kingdom with my husband and son and that was extremely fun and I'm glad of that.  We all had a good time and my son saw a lot of characters and we rode as many rides as possible.
Hogwarts: the only picture I could get

A few more pictures:
Tigger, me and Pooh.  Tigger is my favorite

Illuminations Epcot

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