Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nothing to blog about ...

I feel kind of bad because I have been neglecting this blog.  Yes, I was on vacation last week, but I haven't had much to say in general.  A couple of things have been going on that have been upsetting me, but it's not the kind of thing that I feel comfortable blogging about and I'm pretty sure I'm over it now.  To each his own and so on.  Other than that, most of the month has been spent getting ready for Disney World and now that is over with and I'm just back to my everyday kind of boring life.

Conversation with the 3 year old:

Bub: Are you happy?
Me: *surprised* yes, are you?
Bub: I happy too.  Is Daddy happy?
Me: I think so.  *pause* You know what.  *You* make me happy.
Bub: You make me happy too.

And my heart melted...

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