Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a good Christmas.  BT and I actually had to wake Bub up though I suspect he was already awake.  We saw him just standing at the baby gate to his hallway staring.  When I went over to him, he said "There's something in my stocking" in a whisper.  He needed his clothes changed so while we were doing that he said again, "There's something in my stocking" *pause* "There's something in your stocking too."  It was precious.  Once he had on clean clothes, he ran out and begin going through his stocking.  He got a kid camera, a MobiGo, an Iron Man (which seems to be his favorite thing), some Play-Doh, some other toys and clothes.  I got a Weekender bag that I had been wanting, a String-Ring (which is really cool), and MySims Sky Heroes.  So that was everything I really wanted. 

This is my parent's year for Christmas so BT made a gumbo and potato salad and we had that for dinner along with a whole lot of dessert.  We opened more presents over there and ate a bunch and just hung out.  It was cold and rainy out so we stayed indoors all day.  I'm glad that the weather was wintry for Christmas.  I hate it when it is warm.  But it was a very nice Christmas.

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