Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas decorations

The weekend after Thanksgiving we did our tree.  We have an artifical pre-lit tree that we add red lights too.  And I'm a big fan of ribbon on trees.  This year is a "candy cane" or "red and white" year.  All my paper is red and white.  I'm big on matching.

BT's family has these matching elf stocking and his grandmother made extras for their spouses and children so we have matching stocking and we have our own stocking hangers.  BT has snowman, I have an angel, and Bub has a Christmas tree.  I usually put our Mr. Bingles up along with a Christmas tree on the mantel.

I also collect Tigger ornaments and I have so many that I put up a little tree with all of them.  I even have a Tigger tree topper.

And then outside we string lights around the house and put up our inflatable Santa in a helicopter.   This is the first year that Bub is really appreciating everything.  Last year he knew more of what was going on but he seems to be more into the idea of Santa and decorating and everything.


  1. Oh WOW!! I love your tree, its BEAUTIFUL!! I love the matching. I believe next year, I'll add some ribbon.