Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Library Christmas Party

Today was the "office" Christmas Party and it was very nice.  I always enjoy it though the last two years I've had to sit with people I don't have much to talk about with.  But this year I endeavored to sit with people I like.  I had my new assistant sit by me and made a pact with the account because she was worried about the same thing.  And one of the reference librarians who I guess is my friend sat there too.  So it worked out.  The only thing was my really awkward part-time assistant was like attached to my hip or something because I couldn't shake him off and he sat with us.  But he doesn't say much (which is part of the reason he is awkward) and so it was alright.  The food was good and it was a nice time regardless. 

We play this Secret Santa stealing game and it is fun but I'm too nice to steal from anyone so I always end up with some random thing I don't really like.  Next year I'm doing nothing but stealing.  I'm getting something good next year.  But it doesn't matter, the point is just to play and have fun.  I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the gift I ended up with.  Regifting?

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