Monday, June 10, 2013

Headbands to bows

At some point Button decided that she would no longer wear headbands. Luckily that time came about the same time she got hair so I switched her to hair clips which work marginally better. Sometimes I can get her to wear them. Anyway, so she has all these headbands with bows and flowers on them that she won't wear anymore. So I decided to remake them into hair clips and I thought I'd share how I did it. You need some hair clips, a hot glue gun and some scissors in addition to the headbands you want to modify (I am talking about the soft kind that babies usually wear).

It's pretty easy. Just cut off the band and cut down a piece approximately the size of the hair clip. I like to wrap the hair clip in some of the fabric but I guess you don't have to do that. It just looks nicer and I think it might hold a little better in her fine baby hair. Using the hot glue, glue down the fabric onto the hair clip. The bows already have a wrapped piece in the center so I just inserted the hair clip into that piece and called it done. If it is a flower than you'll have to hot glue it down. This was an easy little project and pretty inexpensive and now she has some bows for her hair. She has a few flowered headbands I am going to convert next.
Headbands with bows

Remove the band part from the bow


Insert the clip into the back of the bow

In action

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