Monday, September 9, 2013

Hot times in the 'ville

Saturday was already a hot kind of day. Bub had soccer and then we ended up at my university looking at the wildlife (we have a swamp on campus) so we'd been sweating and outdoors most of the day. Saturday night we were relaxing and about to have dinner when I commented that it was getting out in the house. I figured it was just from having the oven on but BT went to check and nope the AC was no longer blowing cold air. After some online research he figured out it was the capacitor, a part we couldn't get til Monday. So what to do?

Well, we ended hauling Bub and a sleeping Button and our dogs plus my mom's dogs (they were out of town for the weekend) over to my parent's house. I slept with Button on a mattress on the floor of the guest room that is being fixed up. I always think how lovely co-sleeping is until I actually have to sleep with one of my kids then I remember how uncomfortable it is. Maybe it's just my kids. So that was one night of not so great sleep but at least we weren't sweating in our beds. And we stayed again on Sunday night too with Button in a pack-n-play that I finally found out in my dad's shop. But my parent's have laminate wood floor and all night long the damn dogs were pacing around with their nails clacking against the floor. Click clack click clack. It was insistent. But, though I am complaining, at least we got to sleep in a cool place. It's just not my own bed with my own stuff. And Button woke up at 6 a.m. because of me or my alarm or the dogs or something. I think the only one who slept great was Bub but that kid can (literally) sleep through fireworks. 

Luckily this morning he got a replacement part and got it fixed. Now I need to go clean up my mom's house and get the stuff we left over there. It will be nice to be back home and only with our own dogs who know the drill. Routine is very important in my household. It's how we make it through the day.

And this is the downside of home-ownership. When something big breaks you have to fix it yourself. Thank goodness our house is fairly new, but I'm afraid of what happens when the AC breaks and BT can't fix it himself or if the water heater goes out. Knock on wood that none of these things happen anytime soon.

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