Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On repeat

Lately Button has been our little mimic. It can be odd to hear yourself repeated back in an unsteady little voice, but this is about the age when everything you say starts coming back at you.

For the purposes of these anecdotes let's call her Lotte.

So the other day she was playing her favorite game of talk on the phone. This is where she holds up anything vaguely phone shaped and talks into it. Sometimes she hands it off to the nearest adult and makes us talk on it. Anyway, so she is on the "phone" pacing (just like BT does) and talking. Suddenly I hear No Lotte! So whatever conversation she was having she admonished herself. And last night the pantry door was open and she wandered toward it. And then clear as day I hear her say "Whatcha doing Lotte? No no" in a tone so very much like her dad's. It was hilarious. Apparently we tell her no a lot. No, you can't plug things in. No, you can't dig in the trash. No, you can't pull your brother's hair.

It really does drive home the most frequently used phrases and shows you just how you talk to your kid. It can just be so unexpected when they start repeating you back to you.

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