Friday, February 21, 2014

The differences between

I have few opportunities to observe Button in social settings. Mostly because she is home all of the time and I am at work or it could be the fact that we don't socialize a whole lot anyway. Generally I find her to be much more reserved with people she doesn't know. Thanksgiving 2012 when she was 8 months old we went to Oklahoma and she didn't deal well with all the people around sticking their faces in hers. She wants to play when she wants to play and not otherwise. And she's not comfortable dealing with people she doesn't know. She had a better time at my cousin's house where it was just us and my cousin and her husband. I was not use to this with Bub. My son has never met a stranger and will join right in the kids or talk to whoever will listen. He reminds of BT's father in that respect. Just a friendliness and an assumption that, of course, everyone wants to talk to him. Having a shyer child is not something I've dealt with up to that point.

So we went to a party at the beginning of the month for my friend's 2 year old. We got there a few minutes late and they had already started opening gifts so everyone was already there. Bub came along and he walked in and started holding a conversation with a lady there. I had to call him back since she was trying to watch what was going on. He sat down and started playing a game. Meanwhile, Button went and hid behind the chair because everyone was looking at her. And then I had to hold her. She perked up a bit when everyone started moving around and no one focused on her. She reminds me so much of me. Being the center of attention is the worst. And then the toys began to come out of their boxes and she got to play with some cars and trucks and that made her happy. Plus her big brother was playing with her and then my friend's son. And they went outside and that is one of her happy places.

It's interesting having two kids with such different dispositions. Not that I expected her to be like him in every way but I am occasionally surprised. Having a friendly child and then having a shy child takes some getting use to. People say how serious she is but I've never found her to be that way. But then she is my child and has never been that way with me. For him, everything he says is important and he expects everyone to want to listen. I don't think she is going to be that way though I'm trying to encourage her to go play. I won't be far away for now.

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