Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Walking Club

It's amazing that it's mid-February and I'm still working on this healthy goal. Amazing because there's always a good chance of me just quitting. I ended up joining Weight Watchers after all. I like their program even though I have to get use to this Points Plus thing. So I am once again learning how to eat healthy but, more than that, think about what I am eating and whether an entire chocolate bar is worth the points. Case in point, the other day BT bought mini chocolate donuts for dessert. But I only had a few points left. So I could have one mini donut or I could have some of the Ready to Go Sno-ball I bought the other day for the same amount of points. I went with the thing that gave me more for the same amount of points. I think that is what Weight Watchers teaches (or it should) more than anything. To think about what you are eating and make healthy choices. One day I won't even have to think about brown rice over white and I hope my kids will do the same. I'd like to teach them now about healthy choices so hopefully they won't have this struggle too. Because sure they are small now and a bit underweight (or at least him. She's got a pretty round little belly right now) but that might not always be the case.

And, in the second burst of healthy choices, I joined the university Walking Club. It's part of a study by one of the Allied Health professors but I thought it might be a good motivator. It's a 6 month study so I am obligated to do this walking thing 3 times a week at minimum for 6 months. We have to record our steps and send them in weekly. It hasn't been a full week yet but so far I've done alright. Two of my co-workers signed up and that is going to helpful. It always helps me to have someone telling me that we have to get up and walk around. So now I am a member of a walking club. Look at me, making good choices!

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